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Just a reminder

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I noticed awhile back we had newbies on the board. However they were posting on story section and I didn't see too many comments. Maybe we are over looking that section a bit. The newbies are not always sure where to start out at on the board so maybe we can all swing over there now and then and direct them to the discussion board area instead of story. A lot have asked questions with no answers, I think because they posted on wrong area. Just an FYI
Thank you,
Happy Everything guys, lets find a way for us all to get to the Palooza one way or another maybe even a 2 week deal so if they can't get there on a certain 4 days we still have other days to connect. The days won't matter for me, I can't afford it either way. But just trying to get more of us there.
Goofyladie (Cass)

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