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alive and kicking

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This is to encourage you all; I had surgery in July 2001 for stage 3 (C) colon cancer followed by Chemotherapy. I am alive and well after over 9 years in spite of some sinister polyps having to be removed at colonoscopy in the last few years. I stayed in touch with CSN for some years but then my time was required in other places. I am now 72 and still working. I am also now a prize-winning poet so life is good. (I'm actually not much of a poet but it sounds impressive!) I want you all to have all the good treatment and good results that I have had and so I wish you all every blessing. 2bhealed and Spongebob might remember me so I say a new hello to them both and to you all. vcavanagh

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How encouraging! We've had six deaths since Dec. 22nd so your good news was a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much and congrats on being an award winning poet!


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as I'm still in treatment hoping soon to be declared NED.you certainly give hope to the rest of us. Thanking you for your posting....Steve

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Congrats and thank you so much for posting. For those of us currently undergowing treatment every post of longterm NED is so inspiring!

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Hang in there, Folfox sucks but can be overcome ! I have a scan 25th and am already uptight LOL:) I think and pray for you often, you and my wife both look scandinavian :)

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Thank you so much for posting & letting us know your success story. Stories like yours really help to keep me motivated for success!

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Good to hear from you again. We used to converese quite a bit in the old days as were both stage3 c. I have been ca free since 1998 and like yourself ,continue to work. Congratulations on the poetry , one area I cannot match. From memeory you were a resident of Ireland. I wish you continued good health,Ron.

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Been a long time! Good to hear from you. Take care, Manny

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