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stage4 non small cell lung cancer

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my x husband has been diagnoised with stage 4 lung cancer. he has a 2cm tumor in right lung that was biopsed and told it was cancer. left lung has suspicious leasions but cant biopsy. he is a smoker but he has no symptoms. he actualy had a mild heart attack and while in hospital for that they did chest xray which lead to finding the cancer. the doctors dont know for sure if the left lung field is cancer and also it has not spread any where else. my question is how can they classify this as a stage 4. he is 70 years old

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I have non small cell lung cancer. Mine started 2 yrs ago, and shorting my story, the way to FIND out if the cancer is alive is a Pet Scan. Ex rays and Cat scans only show masses, large or small. Check with a Lung Doctor, as I went thru 2 regular Docs, and the Lung Doc found my problem. Ron

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