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Shrevebud (Roy Peters)

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I hadn't heard from Roy in a while and when I tried to find his phone number, I instead found his obit. I'm very sad to be posting this. I will miss him.

SHREVEPORT, LA - Roy Van Brook Peters was born June 13, 1960 in Lake Charles, LA. He died Dec. 24, 2009 at Grace Home in Shreveport, La. He was the youngest son of Margaret Olive Youngblood Peters Simmons, and stepson of Bobby R. Simmons. He spent his childhood in De Ridder, LA. He came to Shreveport in 1978 as a nursing student at Northwestern University School of Nursing, and was employed by Christus Schumpert Health System in 1980. He held several positions at CSHS over the past 30 years, the most recent being Administrative Assistant coordinating Christus Schumpert's corporate philanthropy. He served on the boards of Christus Schumpert Federal Credit Union, Renzi Education and Art Center, and the Martin Luther King Health Center. Roy earned degrees from De Ridder High School, Bossier Parish Community College, and Wiley College. He was a member of Phi Theta kappa. Following his mother and his uncle, Burton Youngblood, he was an accomplished pianist. He played the flute in the DHS band, and served as organist and choir director for St. James Episcopal Church, Shreveport, 1979-1981. Roy Van's exuberance for life touched many, and he easily made friends in all walks of life. During his illness, many of these friends came forth to generously offer their loving support. His family especially thanks Sister Rose Marie McDermott, Jackie Holland, Pat Lewis, Valerie Wade, Darrell Harvin, Rick Sowell, and Harold Grant. Roy is deeply loved by his sister, Nancy Peters Eastwood, of Bossier City, his brother, William W. Peters, Jr. and partner, Maurice Williams of Shreveport, his brother, Joel Burton Peters and partner, Kevin Portz of Wylie, TX, and his nephew, Robert Eastwood and family, of Bossier City. His family extends thanks to: Bonnie Burnett, Dr. Robert Massingill and the staff of the Christus Schumpert Cancer Treatment Center, Dr. Raymond Coghlan, his home health nurses, especially Robin Watkins, the loving, skilled staff of Grace Home, and to Roy's many other friends and coworkers. A memorial service will be held at 11:00 AM, Saturday, Jan. 9, 2010, at Church of the Holy Cross Episcopal, 875 Cotton St., Shreveport, LA. Flowers are welcome or donations may be made to The Renzi Education and Art Center, The Martin Luther King Health Center, The Philadelphia Center, Christus Schumpert Grace Home, or a charity of choice.

Here's the actual link which has a nice photo of him:

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I am stunned and saddened.

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I will remember Roy, shrevebud, for his positive fight in this battle. He brought so much to this community and I am grateful for that.

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Oh, man - another shocking ending to a very rough month.

I talked to him in November 2009 - he was in Dallas to visit his family and was going to try and meet me, but time got away from him and he had to get back to Louisina.

We exchanged phone calls and he was telling he was very sick and not feeling well, but would be back up in Spring 2010 and maybe we could get together then. I was humbled by the fact that he wanted to meet me and of course I wanted to meet him. Anytime there is a possibility of seeing my friends on this board, I am certainly interested.

I looked for his number and it must have been "written over" by more incoming calls. And then I saw some posts inquiring where he was at.

I'm so saddened to hear about Roy's passing - he always had a kind word for me and I certainly appreciated his kindness and respect.

Everyone - we are LOSING our friends here everyday - this is the BIG PICTURE. It saddens me that our energies are being expended on anger among our family here. I came here to help and be supportive - and I've spent my entire time trying to do that. To see Our World come so unglued like this, in such a short time is very hurtful to me. Can we please get back to the business of helping, supporting and loving one another? Please?

All of this bitterness is not doing anyone any good - and for new people coming here to look for support and answers, and seeing what's going on, will certainly turn them away from here. And in the hour they so desperately are looking for answers and hope.

I just logged on and saw the other posts and then I read this one of Adrian's and it's a stark contrast, isn't it?

I fell in love with this board and the people on it when I found it. It took me 5-years of my cancer battle to find this "safe haven"...there is too little time to be "wasting" sniping at one another. We're all better than this.

Adrian, thank you so much for the "wake-up call" this morning. I think it's time for another group hug. I'll be the first to get it started again - ((SEMIS;FOREVER))

Roy (shrevesbud) - Thank you for your friendship and your big heart and you will be missed by me and many others. May you find peace now. You were an inspiration to all of us fighting this deadly disease. My sincerest condolences to your family during this difficult time.


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My dear friend Craig,

I'm sending you a hug right now.


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This is just too much. It feels like the end of the world. Just a few months ago, most of the people who have died this month seemed like they were doing okay. All of a sudden...

I'm so agreeing with Craig. We need each other right now, all of us. These devastating blows of losing our friends makes everything else petty in contrast.

Thank you for letting us know, Adrian. What a tragedy.


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I just don't know what to say anymore. This just blows my mind.

I agree with Craig and many others. IMHO, Life is too short to be bitter, hold grudges or sweat the small stuff. Make Love, Not War!

Adrian, thanks for finding this and letting us know.


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I remember Roy as being one of he first to welcome us to the board last October. He was not doing well at that time. Rest in peace Roy. Tina

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Thank you Adrian. I have been wondering if he was in hospital or worse. I was always in awe, he would tell how ill his chemo was making him and in the next sentence tell us what he had been doing and what he was going to do next. He fought fiercely. I am going to miss his comments and knowledge to the board horribly.
Thanks again Adrian for going above and beyond so that we could all have this information and when you and John are right in the middle of your own life hurricane yourself. God Bless
Goofyladie (Cass)

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Thank you for finding this information and sharing it with us. We have lost so many here lately. So sad...

As others have stated, it stuns me how quickly things can go from bad to worse with this BEAST.


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This is sad news indeed. Thank you for letting us know. I'll say a few words to Roy tonight, and pray for comfort, healing and endless fond memories for his family.

Save us a seat, Roy!

I was staying at the Westin
I was playing to a draw
When in walked Charlton Heston
With the Tablets of the Law
He said, "It's still the Greatest Story"
I said, "Man, I'd like to stay
But I'm bound for glory
I'm on my way
My ride's here..."

~Warren Zevon

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