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Hey everybody,

Just wanted to ask a question. Is there anyone over 50 that had their tonsils removed and been through chemo and rads who think the tonsils may be the worst part of all this? The reason I am asking is that since my surgery last Friday, my throat has just been a total wreck.I have been unable to eat, the mucous is just something else. The pain is tolerable,
it's just all the side effects. Even though I felt terrible yesterday, I did have 6 teeth pulled and this morning I am glad I did, as it seems that is where some of the pain was coming from. I don' want to seem like I feel sorry for myself because I absolutely do not.
Just want some feed back from everyone on this one. Thanks again for your prayers and posts.


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I know you and I have chatted a little, I'm 55 actually 56 in a month. I agree at least for me the tonsils were the most sever for pain, although brief in comparison. The effects from the rads lasted much longer, but not as sever just kind of annoying and persistant. Of course also with the rads, they are very long lasting as for taste and salivary function. I also have various aches, pains, and swelling. These always concern me now as I'm seven plus months out of treatment, but my ENT always reassures me to stay concerned, but that it's normal to have these for a good year post treatment.

Good Luck and God Bless,

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Because my cancer was in the right tonsil, the ENT removed that one but left the other one in, so I didn't exactly have my "tonsils" out, just my tonsil.
That said, I don't remember the pain being all that severe. Yes, the first day or so was no fun, but I recall that I recovered really quickly.
Recovering from the rads, on the other hand, was brutal -- not so much the pain as all the other stuff that goes along with it. I'd have 10 tonsils out if it'd keep me from having to go through that again.
Good luck.

--Jim Miller

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I have to agree with Jim the tonsil hurt for a week maby but the radition was a nightmare , chemo just seemed to make me vomit alot

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