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Ear infection??

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had my fist chemo last Friday. Had a big time headache and nausea all through thursday.
I thought I was over the hill but my ear hurts like an ear infection, could that be?
And not to sound gross.. I also think I have a urinary infection...

Are these common side effects? Sure hope I can reach my doc tomorrow.


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to things you weren't previously all that susceptible to as well as to things to which you were previously susceptible, just not so much. So you could have gotten an ear infection or a urinary tract infection simply because your resistance is lower; they're not reactions to the chemo, but as your resistance is decreased by the chemo, you're more likely to succumb to infections. I've noticed that my caps can make my ears hurt, especially at night, if they are lumpy across the ears. I have had a vag. yeast infection--something I haven't had in years, yet here I am. yech! You may want to go to your GP to have these checked out; just be sure to tell that dr. what chemo drugs you're taking so he/she can give you meds that will not interfere with the chemo drugs. Hang in there, Ayse!

The nausea and headache can certainly be reactions to the chemo. You should tell your onc. and the infusion nurses next time you go for chemo so that they can try to help you with those.

Hang in there, and hugs! Sandy

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It took months for my body to accept taxotere taxol.
From the last 2 of 5 infusions, I have had watery,and sometimes crusty eyes as well as right ear pain. No infection.I was treatd for ear wax (not the issue) It has come and gone followng treatments.It generally comes a few days after and lasts a bit more than a week. Since eye issues sre related to the chemo, why wouldn't an ear be?
My onco felt it was/could be related. I use over the counter for relief, try to watch where my hats are resting,and mostly keep it covered in this cold New england weather.

New Flower
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could effect UTI. Call your oncologist and ask for help.

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UTI called your onc doctor and they will give you something for it, a uti is not hard to get when you don't drink a lot of water, after chemo i always drink a lot of water to get it out of my system the best i can, the one time that i didn't i had a uti and my onc doctor gave me the meds that i need to clear it up. give them a call there is no need to be in pain when you don't have to.

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Urinary tract infections can be a common side effect of chemo.......I was warned BIG TIME about them, especially since I have had them......I was really worried about this SE.......I drank tons and tons of water and gaterade, per onc orders....during and for days after each infusion.....call you oncologist and they will treat you for it......I know that can be miserable!

Best wishes

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