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Sorry.... Gross Question..... But I Need To Know.....

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ok.... I really need to know if any of you have experienced this..... Oh gosh.... OK..here goes..... maaaaaan.... ok. Does anyone ever get sores or boils or anything of that nature near your anus..ON your anus???? Sorry so gross... but need to know. Thank you


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Boils are no respecter of persons or places. hehe They can appear anywhere, why not the anus? You really should talk to your doctor about it. The can spread infection if not treated properly. Sometimes you just have to take antibiotics or have them lanced, sometimes both. Please don't be embarrassed...we're all family and have had all kinds of humiliating things happen to us. No worries - don't sweat the small stuff. Blessings to you.


Debbie (gramma)

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After surgery I had a boil by where my anus used to be,but sometimes I'll get sores once in a while,small ones.But I have a permanant colostomy.I hope that helps.The doctor didn't think much about it,next time you see your doctor mention it,and see what they say.

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After laying around for 2 weeks waiting for the broken back/pelvic to heal..... I developed some type of.... uhhhh... ugly painful...bump....yes, right on my anal area. It popped with nasty green/yellow puss and blood. It was on the mend but I still felt a small bump there. Tonight..... I had probably the hardest BM i have had since surgery 9 months ago. Too many nuts I think...anyway.... there was blood in toilet water...freaked me out...i wasn't sure where it came from. 2nd BM tonite ...... more blood. I finally figured out that it was NOT coming from the inside out..... but that "bump" poppped again and was bleeding all over. Now my butt is really sore and burns. It just really freaked me out for a minute cause I thought the blood was coming from within. Man......what a night! I called my Primary Care doc and she said to go to the ER..... no!.... she was concerned with it being something other than on the outside. Anyway........ thank you for easing the "embarrassment" ... If I can talk about this..... I can talk bout anything!!!! ..... and thats great!!!


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Well...bleeding never stOPped. It WAS coming from iNSide. In ER now..... Will let u know what they say


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Please keep us posted....

But, yes, I had MUCH trouble with burns on my anus during treatment...it got so bad that I put Silvadene (burn cream) on it...to my horror, the stuff got INSIDE my vagina...and MAN! did that BURN!!!!!

I finally settled for using baby fresh wipes (the anti-alergy kind, for newborns...) after each toileting, instead of toilet paper. Also, took a hair dryer, and dried the area completely...and then (don't laugh...well, yeah, go ahead, but it WORKED!) applied cornstarch and wore loose panties...'gramma panties' I think they are called...

BIG hugs, Kathi

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Kiddo, you have had way more than your share of bumps in this road!

I was going to reply that I've had such a bump but in the pubic area and boy did it bleed when it opened on its own.... but now I see you have other concerns.

Girl, I know you'll appreciate my prayers and I'm going to stop and pray for you right now. Gosh I hope you're all fixed up and back home soon.


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Home from hospital...Well, I have a "ANAL FISSURE" Evidently it is a small tear just barely on the inside of the anal opening. I have been having an issue with my taste buds and all I can seem to taste are Boston Baked Beans. I have been eating them nonstop for a week. WRONG!!!! Too many nuts not good for the poo poo. It got so hard that the stool caused the fissure. LOL....man..I know that ain't funny.... my behind knows that ain't funny.... but come on!!! Oh well..... at least it wasn't anything real serious and easily correctable.... bye bye baked beans!!! Thank you all for support and prayers...... luv u guys!!


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Jennie - Sounds like a rough night. I'm so glad you are okay. I love it that you kept a sense of humor through this. Lay off the beans and take care.

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did they check the bump for mersa?

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So very sorry to hear that you are having more problems. I think of you often and try to keep up with you on the board. I keep you on Frank's caringbridge site 's prayer list. You are such an inspiration to me and I know others on this board. Keep on keeping positive and keep fighting.
Lots of hugs,

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Isnt that infectious stuff...like real nasty infectious stuff???? No....not tested for that. I actually ended up have 4 areas on my butt that were almost like bed sores. One was a boil...no doubt. BUTT..lol.... they are all on the mend. No more bleeding either....even with BM...all stopped.... just another day in the neighborhood .. :))

ANNA >>>>> I think of you and Frank often too. Thank you for keeping me on your prayer list. Back at ya on the inspiration thing. You and Frank ROCK!!! Talk about positive attitudes..... you guys got it going on..... luv u's.... take care


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Man I got the farts and you have boils on your butt, what else can happen to make us crack up...glad you are doing better...

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Oh, Jennie.

What a time you're having! I'm glad you went to the hospital and got checked out.


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