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what are options after radiation 'closes' throat?

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I have a dear friend who says her doctor just told her that he could do nothing about her throat having closed up after radiation. She's stage 4, has had no surgery, just radiation. months later, she's still on a feeding tube, weight very low.
I want to go with her to her next appt, and know that we'll need the info on the research, statistics etc, to do with this.
Boy would I appreciate feedback on this!

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Tina Blondek
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She should for sure be able to have a dialation done. If not, have a stent put in to open her esophagus more. My dad had both of these done. The stent worked the best. Sounds like she does need you to go with her, and possibly get a 2nd opinion. Might be time for a new doctor. Keep us posted.You are a great friend!

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sherri and tina, I was so glad to see your feedback so quickly! and I told Pat and she asked me to thank you both so much - really, it made our day.

we'd appreciate any other comments as well - we need info so badly.

we will follow up on all the suggestions - thanks ladies :))))))

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do you know why the throat closed after radiation, is this common because my husband is also stage four and they want to do radiation after chemo in about two months, this makes me very very concerned about radiation. Please, please, anyone who has had this done, please respond.

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please go to head and neck discussion board. my husband has same problem. he has complete esophageal stricture do to radiation fromthroat cancer. we were informed that a stent should have been put in before total closure. It wasn't now if they can't get esophagus open facing very difficult choices. none of these possible effects were ever told to us in the beginning. In fact only one dr has said it should not have been let go this far this long. I have posting in this site on both discussion boards with pretty much all that has happened. without computer right now but anyone can call me @ 317-504-5623

good luck to all,

amy & evan

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