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Honoring my mother.. via my skin

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Yesterday, I went to honor my mother via tattoo.

I've always wanted a tattoo but I did not know what I wanted to get.

Now, I know.

It is an ovarian cancer ribbon with the Japanese character for mother (haha).

My mother was half Japanese and one thing that we would do together was go to Chinatown in Seattle, to this huge Japanese grocery store called Uwajimaya. There was a bookstore, food court, gift, and grocery mart all in one!!

Last January we went together. When we got home, she surprised me with a REALLY cute vinyl lunch bag to take my lunch in...

Anyhow, here is the picture, for those that do not have a Facebook :)


AHHH the link won't show all the way!! Delete the ****'s that show up, replace the first *** with img . photobucket (don't seperate it) and replace the *** at the end with . jpg (don't seperate again).


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You have handled this situation with such amazing maturity and grace. I know your mother is so proud of you. You honor all the women on this board, and you are a testament to 'the fight'. When you finally get a picture, will you upload it so we can all see?

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I want to see the tatoo but cannot follow the link:( Can you re-post with the link?

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Nice tattoo - both loving and tasteful!


but replace the asterisks after tattooforma with a period and then jpg

Hugs from Sally from the Uterine Cancer board

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It is very nice Brittany, a wonderful way to honor your mom!

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I like it. Very creative...Thanks for sharing)))) Saundra

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Hi Brittany,
I'm very proud of you and I know your Mom is too.

You and she were such wonderful close buddies, and I know that you have lots of happy memories to sustain you throughout your life.

cool tattoo, girl.

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Brittany, you are such a sweetheart, and I think your tattoo is lovely.


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Will be checking you out on FB!

Libby ☺

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