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Thank you to everyone on this board...

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My Husband of 25 years was diagnosed Sept 29 2009. He has/had stage 4 Squamus cell in throat togune tonsils pallette and jaw. We were told the tumor in his Jaw was the size of a Horseshoe. It has been a rough ride for both of us and our adult children. Yesterday Bob had his last Radiation treatment. He had 4 rounds of Chemo. I just want to Thank everyone here as it has been a Lifeline for me. Bob is still very sick, but I know what to expect and tell him what some of you guy's and gal's have posted and it truly helps!! I have come here everyday to check on everyone and now I will continue to contribute and update on Bob. I have gotten so much valuable information from so many on here. I just want to say Thank You to all...from the bottom of my heart...u guy's have helped us more then you will ever know.

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There are a lot of helpful people here, that is for sure, and it great to get different perspectives. I wish I'd known about this joint before I underwent my own initial ordeal.

Congratulations to your husband for getting through the radiation. Please be aware that radiation does not end at the time of the last treatment but can rather continue to cook for weeks and even months, by some estimations. There is apt to be some frustration early on.

But it is worth it.

Take care,


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Yes we know that this is going to be a tough time..as I have read here. I am so very glad to have found this site! Yesterday I asked him if he was gonna bring his Mask home and he looked at me..I have read just about everything on here going back to 2001...and what a wealth of information!!! Bob is sicker now then he has ever been. He has not eaten since before Christmas. He was thin to begin with 6 foot and 140lbs...now he is probably at about 115. He has Isoscourse 2.0...thank God for the Tube. The worst problem has been the Mucus. He is spitting and gaging and vomiting feeling very weak. I have stayed home the last couple of day's, as I am worried he may fall when he get's up to go to the restroom. He used to be a Clean Freak as far as Showers go..no more, I don't think hes had one in 2 week's. He does wash up everyday. I asked him if he needed hepl in taking a shower, but he said no I'm ok. He has been such a Trooper though all of this. I could not have coped without this Board and am eternally greatful to everyone here who has offered advise and talked about thier own experiences. Bob has had alot of great care at the U of MN Cancer Center. If anyone I know get's C I would not hestitate to recommend them. We have a Hospital 2 miles from our home, but I am so glad we went to the U...even though it's alot futher away. I will let everyone know how he is doing and wish I would have started posting sooner. There are so many wonderful people here.

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Welcome to the site. Great place to get comfortable. One needs to be comfortable in order to with stand what you are about to embark upon. Recently, I called a friend in Iowa who was the first person I contacted after completing 35 treatment of radiation. I was so happy. I remember telling him that the tires on my truck were not wearing much that date because I was floating on air I was so happy to have completed the treatment and I would be well. That did not happen. Even though they told me that it would be worse before it got better. Why I could not grasp that warning is beyond me. I grasp it now and implore you to make sure that your husband maintain the adequate liquids to remain hydrated and to consume as many calories as he can tolerate. Not eating makes you weak, slows the healing process, and can create mental problems such as depression. Each one exacerbates the other all while not consciously aware of it. If you sleep more you drink less and if you drink less you get weaker and if you get weaker you eat less. It compounds itself. Please, do not get caught up into that vicious circle as I had done.

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As everything Soccerfreak says is right on..... I'm glad I found my way here, wish it would have been a little sooner. The people and wealth of information and healing, helping people and their ordeals is awesome.

BTW the "cooking" does last a few weeks after, I was kind of medium rare, now I'm only pretty well done, LOL.

God Luck, God Bless....

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I am glad to hear that Bobs radiation treatments are over, every one is right about still having affects from the radiation after treatment stops. His body will also now start the healing process that is was designed to do and that is the good news.

Take care God bless

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Bob has been sleeping ALOT...should he not be? I know the Dr's said to take small nap's as he needs his good sleep at night. I just don't want to wake him when he is resting, but maybe I should. I know he is not taking enough liquids by mouth, but he is putting it in his tube..water. He got a new med Thursday for the Mucus, but has yet to try it. He is stubborn. He has alway's been anti medicine even Tylenol...at first he would barely take his pain meds first he had Vicodin..then he got Liquid Oxicodone..now he is taking it every 4 hours so I know he's hurtin. They called with his Blood work results and said everything looks good. I know it's not over and then it will be the waiting for first PET Scan. They will do that at 3 month's..seems so long, but as I have read here that is normal. Thank you all again for the wealth of info!

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It's not surprising that he's sleeping a lot! His body has been through a really rough experience and it (and he) needs the rest.
Everyone is different, but at the point where your husband is now, I took naps during the day and went to bed early for the night. I was fairly restless during the night, getting up to hack and gack that darned mucus out, but I still got a lot of sleep.
Hang in there. Things will get better.

--Jim in Delaware

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