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Had Sir Spheres procedure on Wed.

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Went in at 7am, sir spheres procedure around 9:30. Two hours in and 4 hr. recovery. I have to say that when they administered the sir spheres I did feel it and it was very painful. I was told it took a lot of pain meds. and versed to knock me out. I know as soon as I felt the pain and started yelling I was knocked out quickly. I was pretty bad last night....very fatigued and hurting in my liver and shoulder. The Dr. said that we will do the left lobe in 4 weeks. I feel better today with a little more energy but still pain in the liver. I hope "the little magic beads" are already working to kill the tumors. Let me know if you have any questions regarding this procedure. I am pretty loopy right now and probably not writing very clearly.Patti

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Wow - sorry Patti - why didn't they give you general anesthesia?
I hope the pain subsides quickly and that it's effective in knocking off tumors.
Hang in there -

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You sound pretty lucid to me :)

Versed is the magic "happy juice" and thank goodness they gave that to you - not sure why they waited till you were in pain, but I'm not a doctor.

I'm hoping the procedure is working for you, Patti - with all my heart, I hope it's working...and now you know what to expect the next time...you can ask them in advance, "Give me the happy juice, and make it a double" LOL :)

Thanks for posting - feel better knowing things went as planned - get some rest, you've got a hall pass to no work and all the rest you need...these are the golden days, USE THEM.


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Yes! Thanks for the update. I'm not familiar with this procedure at all. I've had liver pain that has radiated to my shoulder. Not fun! I hope you get some relief from it soon.

Rest well... Rob; in Vancouver

“Life is short,and we do not have much time to gladden the hearts of those who travel the way with us. So let us be swift to love, and let us make haste to show kindness.”
Henri Amiel

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I'm so sorry you had to experience the pain but praying this is THE answer and that you are fully healed.


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Hi Patti,

Thanks for letting us know how it went. I am sorry you were in such pain! Hopefully you will continue to feel better & those litle beads are doing their job!

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Wow, you cleared another hurdle and should be so proud of yourself for enduring it all. Good thing for pain meds. Sorry you are in pain, but from what I have learned, those beads are killing the tumors in your liver. Sigh that you have to do the left one in 4 weeks, but I pray for a speedy recovery. This cancer stinks!

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I hope all is better. I am still having problems with pain in side and chest and back. They called me today and thought I had infection in liver by the looks of CT, but now they are leaning more towards inflammation because blood work is all perfect?? Did they give you a prednisone pack?


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They did not give me any steroids...he said they give you more of a chance to get an ulcer. But another lady who has had it asked me the same thing about the steroids. I just hope the pain goes away soon, it started hurting again this evening and the diloudid isn't working!It feels like I have glass in my liver and back. Patti

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I am sitting here thinking "What in the world kept you on the table!"LOL
I would have said "Look this disease is already wrapped up in me, but look mam or sir I am about to wrap myself around you" LOL! You are so strong to keep moving forward and fighting this disease. I am sure your family is saying they have strongest mom in the world! You keep your eyes on pot of gold. Things have to get better, is what I always keep saying and I am 12 years out. I am a firm believer in P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Someting Happens)
Warm Soft Hugs so they don't hurt and Sending more thoughts and prayers, guts if you need em to beat this disease.
Goofyladie (Cass)

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Thanks for your update. I'm sorry about the pain you've been experiencing- hopefully that will subside very soon. I guess they're going in again soon though for your other lobe. At least then they'll be aware ahead of time that you need more to knock you out. I hope and pray you will recover well and that those little beads are busily killing off the cancer!!

Take care,

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I'm glad the procedure went well and I hope and pray that this is THE procedure that clears things up! I know many that it is really was "magic little beads" and you can be in that group, too.

It makes me so angry when they allow such pain during and after a procedure like that. They know the 'magic' combination. There is such emphasis on prescription drug abuse now that people can't get the care they need. I'm sorry you had to go through this.



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Wow! I hate pain like that, and I'm so sorry you had to experience it. I will be praying this is the ticket for you, though!


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Patttie, sorry your in pain, did they warn youn this would be so?
I got thru ok but am still Hospital, I fiannally got a computer and was thinking about you
Hope you get thru this and this works for you ,
Take care Penny

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I can't believe they didn't put you out for that... I'm sorry you had to go through such pain for this procedure, but I'm wishing with all my might that you're out of pain.

Your "magic beads" are already working!! I'm wishing you all the luck with your left lobe, too. Tell em to knock you out!!

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Hi patti- how are you feeling?

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