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I had my thyroid removed on January 14, 2010 due to having papillary carcinoma. The surgeon stated the tumor was just contained to my thyroid. He stated he did not have to remove any other surrounding nodes. I sure hope he is right. I go next week to see him and get the pathology report. My question to anyone is "How long does it take before you get your normal voice back". My kids tease me and tell me I sound like I have a been smoking for 20 years. Also I am extremely emotional. I can cry at a drop of a hat. I am taking the thyroid replacement pills. So any suggestions or tips on how to get my emotions under control so I can deal with some relationship issues would be great.
Also how long could it take to get my normal voice back.

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sorry no pne has replied to you. I just scan down the list and saw your's. My voice was a little off for about a month after 2 surgeries. Sometimes it still goes out to this day.
Remember to take your pill in the morning and wait a little while before you eat. They recommend 1 hour. Also if your taking calcium wait 4 hours after you hormone pill. I try to take my synthroid every morning at the same time. It really helps if you take it the same time everyday. I can tell a diffence in the way I feel if I don't. Hope your doing OK and if I can help answers any questions I will.


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Hi, I am 2 months after a completion thyroidectomy and my voice is still.....some say sexy, I feel more like the heavy smoker type. It is extremely annoying, I also cannot sing, my range is extremely small and it is frustrating (not that I had much of a voice before). I just asked my Dr. for a referral to a speech pathologist, those who specialize in voice retraining. I'm not sure if this is necessary, maybe I just need to be patient, but I work in a setting where I lecture and need to raise my voice..........and I simply can't. I'll let you know if it helps.
My family too has fun laughing at me!!

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I also "lost" my voice after surgery (two months ago). My kids also teased me that I can no longer tell them what to do. I am a project manager and need my voice to lead meetings and to speak with customers over the phone - it was really a problem. After about 1.5 months it finally came back but I still cannot sing (which actually bothers me...).

I did go to an ENT - he put a camera through my nose and down my throat (very unpleasant) and saw that one vocal cord had not been damaged but was swollen from the surgery.

Going through surgery is a real shock for the body and I also cried and got really frustrated from the pain and lack of movement in my neck. My scar looked terrible for a while and I wore scarves in public. This all does get better - just remember to keep taking the thyroid replacements pills - it actually really helps!!

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!

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I too had a TT, on July 31, 2009. My pathology report stated that the cancer was within the thyroid BUT the smallest (0.2cm) tumor extends to the surgical margin. I had 3 tumors within the left side the biggest being 3 x 2.5 x 1.5 cm and the others were 0.4 cm and 0.2 cm. It says the histological type is MULTIFOLCAL PAPILARY CARCINOMAS. I had small hyperplastic nodules as well.

The surgery went well and I too sounded raspy and low. My kids loved it though cuz I could not really scold them...LOL. My voice returned to normalafter about a month.


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I didn't lose my voice, except for right after surgery. It comes back, and sometimes you have side effects from the RAI, but they too usually pass with time.

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