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I'm 19 and was diagnosed with a sarcoma in my knee in November and had a second surgery in December and began radiation in the begining of January. I am a full time nany and student and feel like headaches (as well as fatigue-but I am pretty good about making time for naps) have become a part of my daily life. It's awful, not to mention frustrating. Has anyone else had that problem? Any words of advice? Or even just support. I'm so frustrated.

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Hi courtneymegan. I am sorry that you fighing sarcoma. Its bad enough at an older age when we have cancer. But it feels totally unfair with a younger person. But there are not many things about cancer that are fair. I don't know anyone that didn't get pretty tired after radiation treatments. And medication side effect, lack of sleep and anxiety are a problem. Now I have a question for you. If your favoring your leg and not walking straight is this part of the problem? Are the headaches starting at the base of the skull and working up? Sometimes we have to look backwards to before we had symptoms to figure out what is going on with our bodies. Anyway, always keep in mind that we are not medical professionals. So your Oncologist or GP is always the first person to ask. Just make it clear that this is having a major effect on your life. Best wishes Slickwilly

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