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When To Start Radiation

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I had my prostate removed 3 1/2 years ago when I had a PSA of 5.4. Following the operation my first PSA tests came in at <0.03. After a while it changed to 0.03, then 0.06 and now 0.07.

My doctor said he doesn't do anything until the PSA reaches 0.3. Some of the posts on this forum say that radiation is less effective when the PSA is above 0.2 and I'm almost at 0.1.

Is 0.2 the accepted place to start radiation?

I'm thinking of going to Mayo in Rochester for a different opinion. If someone has a recommendation, I'd appreciate the name of the doctor.

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My doc told me .1 but due to the fact that I had a positive margin. Did you have a positive margin at biopsy? That might be the difference in what you are reading.

Larry in TN. age 55 PSA 0.
Six month check up in 2 weeks.

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After the prostate was removed the doctor said it had made it to the very edge but did not say it had a positive margin.

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You go to topic "PSA 0.1 but detectable" and check out the answer from William Parkinson. Hope his answer will help you.


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Thanks for referring me to "PSA 0.1 but detectable". Good information.

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