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Hey Everybody!!

Seen Onc. today. He has changed things up a bit. NO MORE CHEMO!!!!! Well, drip form anyway...and no more wearing that black bag for 46 hours every 2 weeks!!! YEAH!!!!.... No more Nuelasta shots. I will be starting Xeloda on Feb. 8th with Avastin every 3 weeks. Thats it!!! I thought he would want a PET/CT before starting this but he said no..... In March we will do one and see how the Xeloda is doing on me then. Wow..... I feel like I graduated!!! LOL......... I am excited.....


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That is just wonderful! Not that long ago you were concerned about being stuck with drips and pumps forever. This is an amazing praise! We know who to thank!



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That is really good news and we sure need some around here. Two good reports (you and John/Adrian) in one day, I am estatic. You are getting similar to George only he has the 5FU IV every week but he is out of there including blood work in about 40 minutes so not too bad, only 20 minutes from home and his Avastin is every 2 weeks. Now keep up the good work and put out those lousy mets with the trash - Tina

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Pills over shots any day!

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Congratulations ! I have been on Xeloda since Sept 09. I take 1800mg a day for 7 days then off for 7. My Onc is adding Avastin Feb 12 for me. The Xeloda has not had any side effects for me and has kept everything stable. Good Luck.


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Xeloda/Avastin should be a good combo. I was on it in 2007. I have very few side-effects.

Be well... Rob; in Vancouver

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I know how liberating it feels to be freed from the pump, so congratulations on that! I agree that i'd rather take pills than do the pump. My ex-boss swears Xeloda saved her life (she had liver mets), so some people have great results with it. Good luck, and all my best!


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Great news! Way to go! Enjoy your freedom from the pump!!

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That's great! WooHoo!!
John did really well with the Xeloda when he did it back in '07/08. Little to no side effects. I hope it goes that well for you too!


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Congratulations Jennie, I am really happy for you!

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Excellent!!! Enjoy that new freedom.


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Congratulations,I hope everything works out very good with the xeloda.Enjoy the freedom.

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Xeloda and Avastin will be easier to manage for you. I always hated having the pump stuck to me, too, so I definitely know how liberating of a feeling it must be to not have it anymore. Good thing!!


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Just take care of your tummy, Xeloda is a WONDERFUL alternative to the 'drip, drip, drip', but can make you a bit sensitive to some foods....

Hugs, Kathi

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Great. I`m glad for you. I`ll be ecstatic when I don`t have to take that stinking bag home with me for 2 days. I was supposedto be done with chemo last treatment but the onc. changed his mind at the last minute and decided to give me 3 more treatments. This is the second time he`s done this to me when I was looking so looking forward to, at the very least, an extended break. I asked him just last week if he was going to keep the same game plan and he said yes and then changed his mind this week. If he changes his mind again after the 3 treatments I am going to tell him enough is enough. I`ve been on chemo now for almost 9 months. As far as I know I`m currently in remission, so give me a stinkin` break or I will have to climb a tower and shoot people with rubber bands.
Ranting but keeping my chin up,


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Thanks for all the well wishes and encouraging words. You guys are all so great.


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I was on Xeloda for about 8 months this last go around, and the side effect compared to the drip are way less and it still led me to being NED! Good Luck

God Bless

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Posts: 1792
Joined: Apr 2009

Great to hear about Xeloda. It seems I am getting nothing but good reports about Xeloda. Keeping my fingers crossed that it works as well for me as it did for you.... and congrats...NED!


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Hey there

Watch your feet with the Xeloda - they can begin to peel and crack - good idea upfront to get a tin of Bag Balm and apply that to your feet 3x a day to keep them moist - put socks on after application to hold the moisture in.

Xeloda can build up toxicity in the blood gradually depending on your regimen, which will probably be somewhere between 3000-4000 mgs a day 14 days on/7days off. Dosasage can be adjusted to 7 days on/7days off and then you're on a week, off a week, and then repeat...I found this regimen much easier to handle.

If I'd known about the creams at first, I might could have headed off the problems with the feet or managed it better. Mine were so bad, that I could barely stand, walk, or put shoes on - and of course I have a full time job, so for awhile it was difficult. So, cream early and often.

The other thing as was mentioned above, it can be hard on the stomach. Some nausea meds can help that some.

But overall, compared to the rest of the treatments we've had to do Avastin and Xeloda are doable. And for Avastin, watch how your heart beats and feels after taking it awhile - again most people don't have an issue they notice, but I did. I also read the "white paper" of Avastin that continued use can lead to "congestive heart failure." Though it gave no mention to how much time that was before that could occur.

I did the Xeloda about 11-months and the Avastin for a little over 8-months - I have to catch my heart alot, but I've become good at hiding it from everyone,so as not to attract attention. I know that won't happen to you, but just be aware...I paid the cost to be the boss and that's just my side of the story.

Congrats getting off the pump - see ya' later :)


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That is awesome news. Glad you got some good news.


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Paula G.
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Great news.So happy to hear good news.
I had to laugh at Eric's comment on the shooting with rubber bands. Good luck Jennie

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Great news to hear. Take care & God Bless. Margaret

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Congrats Jennie, and I second what Craig says for care, especially about feet and hands. I also started bathing with a lavender scrub and didn't use soap on my skin (hard to avoid with the hands :-).


Fight for my love
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Jennie,good for you.I am glad that you are having a new treatment plan,I hope you have kicked the big c away already.

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Jennie, what exciting news!! I know I hate wearing that pump and I've only done it once so far!! YAY!!!!

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I'm so happy for you. I know you were tired of the pump - now you get a break! I hope this tx works well for you with minimal side effects.

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