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Has anyone opted to not take chemo for their Uterine cancer?

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Wife has stage 4 b , and says No Chemo.

What can I expect ?


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Is she willing to do anything else?

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What type of cancer does your wife have? Do you know what Grade it is?? I think only your wife's oncologist who knows all of the specifics of her situation can truly tell you what you MIGHT expect. However, that does not mean that your wife can't do things that can improve that "estimate"....i.e. diet, exercise, meditation, etc. One of the individuals who posts here (Daisy)is a firm believer in guided imagery.. There are definitely things your wife can do if she wants to try...

Best wishes to you...am sure this is difficult for you and we are here to support you in any way that we can!!


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My wife made the same decision when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 in February, 2009. She passed away 11 months later.

It's difficult to say what you can expect as cancer can progress in many different ways. In her case, she died of consumption. The patient grows thinner, weaker and tires until they are completely bedridden. In addition, cancer cells blocked the movement of lymph fluid and caused painful inflammation throughout her body. But there are many other possible scenarios such as liver failure or kidney failure. You should consult an oncologist.

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So sorry for the loss of your wife. Sending healing thoughts your way. May your wonderful memories of her carry you through these most difficult of times.


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