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ONC appt tomorrow, them off to CABO SAN LUCAS

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Nana b
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Do I ever need a break! Will talk with my ONC tomorrow, that is today about LTD. Life with Stage 4 cancer is too short to debate whether to work or not. I have to find a way to manage, to be able to spend quality time with my family before I meet my maker. And I don't need this stress.

Take Care, hugs.....Raquel

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YAY!!! go to Cabo and have a ball!! Good for you.

Good luck with the LTD... From what I hear, you should be automatically approved. I agree, from what I read of your other thread, you don't need the stress. I'm sorry you even had to go through that. In fact, I found the whole situation quite disturbing.

Have fun while in Cabo. Live it up!


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I'm jealous, the wind chill here is below zero, Cabo sounds sooooo good.... Have fun Tina

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The sand and the sun should be just about the best medicine right now! I hope you have a wonderful time.

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I'll carry your bags if you take me with you!

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And, it's whale watching, I believe still....it started in November...

I agree, life is for living, and you make adjustments to fit your needs as you go. I remember after my 3rd Adriamycin/Cytoxin for the breast cancer, I told my onc that I was going to Holland for 3 weeks! I figured she would say 'No!'...but instead, she said "Kathi, you have been thru alot this year with fighting 2 cancers...GO! Under one condition: find room in your suitcase for me!!!!"

Hugs, Kathi

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Pack everything you need..and being there that won't be much but there is one thing to be absolutely sure to leave at home, the cancer thing...you will not be needing it in Cabo...Its like a bad hair dryer, simply leave it home........Have a great trip....:) Love and Hope, Buzz

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You have a great trip. I wish I were going with you! (to Mexico that is, not to meet your maker!) Have fun!

Be well... Rob; in Vancouver

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Nana b
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Well my ONC said that I was too young do be totally disabled, and that right now I was cancer free. He suggested instead that he write me a letter explaining to my boss the ordeal that I have been through and that they should be applauding me for commuting two hours, working 10 hour days while under chemo! So, we are going to try that first. He thought that if I got fired for my performance that the letter would show that they were negligent. LTD folks told me that I would not be eligible for LTD if I got fired because I have been back to work too long, but my ONC said we would fight that...my stage 4 cancer diagnosis started in 2008 and will never go away. Cancer free today but who knows 2 years down the road. My ONC also said that going forward, I should'nt have any problems with memory or concentration, things should be looking better.

I am getting a scan done in two weeks.

Today, My blood work all came back normal!! YEAH!! CEA level I will have to wait on, but it has been going down over time and was at 2.5 a couple weeks ago.

Okay, off to CABO, not thinking about this for at least a week! Thanks for the have fun wishes!

Adois, Raquel

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Way to go, Raquel! I hope you have a wonderful trip!

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Have a wonderful time!!! You have more than earned it.


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enjoy ................

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Nana b
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Yep, I will be Cabo Waboing on Saturday the 6th.....my birthday!! Steve, two of brothers, wives and sister and hubby are all going with to Mexico, por un buen tiempo!
.......to have a GREAT time!

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Enjoy, relax and have a drink for me. You are such a strong woman, and you totally deserve this break.

Be safe

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the Coladas, Margaritas, Appletinis NOW!LOL
Sunshine the bod You are going to have a great time!!!
Do the nakey happy dance while your there!
Warm hugs and best wishes
goofyladie (Cass)

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y deportes bien chica!

My husband is in Baja right now working a sea kayaking leadership course for Mexicans up near Bahía Concepción-Mulegé area.

Enjoy the sun for me. It's 9 degrees here right now with hoar frost on the trees.


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