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feniks Member Posts: 33
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Did anyone have bad reaction on Oxi and after some times get it again.Wife have folfox/avastin,folfiri/erbitux and mets are here again.She's so scared of oxi but after only 3 rounds she have clear scan.That was before 18 months.


  • tammy41
    tammy41 Member Posts: 48
    i did
    in 2008 i was on folfox and avastin.but during my last treatment i had a reaction. i had great results cancer free for 6 months after. then they found a spot on my lung and soon after they found some spots came back in the liver. so in the past 8 months i have been in two studies and they didnt work for me.. so after talking to people from this board about it. i asked the dr if i could go back to the folfox and avastin and he said i could but i would need to be desensitized. so i had to go in the hospital this past monday i needed to take clariton the day before treatment then the morning of. then right before treatment they also gave me premeds. the first bag had very little oxi they delute it. second bag was full dose. during the second bag they also added the loucovren. then when that was done they hooked me up to the 5fu and taught me how to diconnect it at home.i will need to do this every other week for a total of three treatments and if i have no reaction i can add the avastin.i can understand how scared she is i thought there was nothing more i could do but there always is. im not the only one who is doing this treatment there is another woman on the board who went through the same thing on monday with me and both of us did it with no reaction. take care tammy
  • Kathryn_in_MN
    Kathryn_in_MN Member Posts: 1,252
    Tammy and I had similar process on the same day
    Mine was a little more involved, but it did work for the oxy. Unfortunately I had other issues this week. I don't have the energy to re-write, so I am copying and pasting from my journal - the day that has the most info relative to your question.

    I had to pre-treat for oxaliplatin desensitiza​tion for 3 days. Benadryl and Decadron Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Then I went to the hospital on Monday. Everything was all messed up. No one really knew what was going on. I'd thought I was only getting the oxy at the hospital and going home with my infusor for the 2 days of 5-FU. The hospital has no infusors or pumps to send with anyone, so they thought I was staying until unhooking time from the 5-FU.

    My usual medication routine was not ordered. They did not have Emend ordered, and I REFUSE to EVER do chemo without Emend again. It is the only way I get through the still awful nausea - without it, I can't do it. So they did finally get the order for Emend. I normally start with Aloxi and Decadron. Well, they had the Decadron in the orders, but not Aloxi. They had Zofran. I hate Zofran, as it gives me a terrible headache that lasts for a couple days, and doesn't seem to do anything for me for the nausea. They gave it to me, and I will not allow that again. MAJOR headache.

    I already wrote about all the trouble accessing my port, and the frustrating hours spent at the hospital waiting... and without Internet connection most of that time, so I couldn't work.

    I had Benadryl and Decadron pre-meds at the hospital too, on top of the 3 prior days pre-treat. I got my calcium and magnesium first. Then they used 4 different bags of oxaliplatin.​ Each IV bag had the same amount of fluid, but the first bag only had 1/1000 of the medicine. The next had 1/100, and the third had 1/10th. Each of these bags was hung over 90 minutes. Then the final bag has the rest. Before that bag I was given Benadryl and Decadron again. Then the final bag is given over 6 hours, followed by the final calcium and magnesium.

    A​ll went very well once we got the ball rolling. I didn't have any reactions, and actually felt better (other than the Zofran headache) than usual.

    A doctor from my oncologist'​s office stopped in towards the end of the day (just a little while after they got my oxy started), and he was under the impression I was going home the next day too. He tried to coordinate with OptionCare (home health) to get me hooked up and unhooked. No one knew what the contractual issues were between them and the hospital. But they DID come to unhook me when I was in the hospital with my pulmonary embolism and on my chemo cycle. So if they could unhook then, what is the problem now? It was the end of the day and everyone was scrambling to figure out what would happen to get my 5-FU. I was surprised this wasn't figured out ahead of time.

    So they told me I would be released by the doctor in the morning (my oxaliplatin should finish around 3AM), and I would drive to Edina to get hooked up to the infusor for 5-FU. WHAT? Here I was in Burnsville, with the Burnsville office 3 blocks away, and I live the OPPOSITE direction, but they want me to go in rush hour traffic up to Edina? Nope - not happening. So we got them to send it by courier to Burnsville.​ But it was too late and the office was closed. So they delivered to my hospital room. The plan was I would take it with me to the Burnsville office just up the street after I was discharged from the hospital, and then go home for my 46 hours with the infusor of 5-FU. So that is what we did.

    I finally got home about 11AM Tuesday. And at that point, things weren't too bad.
  • feniks
    feniks Member Posts: 33
    Thank you
    on your answers but she get cpt/erbitux.We were pretty desperate and onc call us on thursday .She started therapy 17.02.I hope it went well.Thanks again.
  • PhillieG
    PhillieG Member Posts: 4,866
    feniks said:

    Thank you
    on your answers but she get cpt/erbitux.We were pretty desperate and onc call us on thursday .She started therapy 17.02.I hope it went well.Thanks again.

    Great avatar, love John Cleese.
    I have been on erbitux and CPT11 for a very long time (3+ years) and have very good results. It has been able to keep things stable and also shrink some tumors. The side effects can get to you after a while but it is effective. The Oxi caused me the numbness that most everyone spoke about. The longer I was on it the worse it got. I was able to do the full amount of the rounds. I think it was 12 but that was 6 years ago so Im not 100% positive it was 12 but I'm pretty sure it was. Yes, FOLFOX with Oxi for 12 weeks. I also had avastin for 10 of the 12 weeks.
    I hope she does well with it.