saw a new onco

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I am happy to say I saw the new onco today and I like her very much. My last onco told me that if my cancer came back there was nothing he could do. Well the new Dr. has other ideas
she has let me know that there is always something we can do and will do what it takes. Finally I feel like there is hope again. It's hard to stay positive when your Dr. is not


  • soccerfreaks
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    Good for you, nana! It is all about Hope and Humor, my friend, even for a Gloomy Gus like me :).

    Take care,

    (Jovial) Joe
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    Encouraging doctors...
    I'm happy that you found a doctor you are comfortable with who is much more optimistic than your previous doctor. You need to stay upbeat and have a positive attitude to be able to fight this horrible disease and having a doctor who will encourage you through all of this is a must.

    My best to you, stay strong and keep smiling :-)