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Well i took chris to the ER today after we could not get his colostomy to stop bleeding and we did not get good news:( They did a CT and found several lessions on his liver and a blood clot in the main vein that filters the abs... So I guess being done with chemo in March is a dream in the past.. Thanks all for being here it means so much!


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I'm so sorry about your news. I know it must have been so hard for you and Chris to hear.

Praying for good results soon.


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thanks Gail and yes it was! I have never cried this much in my whole life..


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I hope things work out eventually,just don't give up.Just keep thinking that some day he'll get to stop chemo,it just seems like forever.I'll pray he gets better.

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I'm sorry to hear it.((sigh))
Well, onward and forward with treatment. Be aggressive with it and aim to kick the cancer's butt hard!

You two take care and keep us informed as to how he's doing.


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I am sorry to hear this. I keep you both in my thoughts.


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I'm so sorry about the news you two received. Did Chris have lesions on his liver before? Hopefully they can get something going on that blood clot. As a caregive myself I know how tough this disease is with its ups and downs. I know from the caregiver site you have had a rough time of it but just hang in there with Chris, keep loving and supporting him the way you have. Come to the board anytime you feel you need to for we truly do understand. I'll be thinking of you - Tina

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Sorry you got bad news. Hang in there. The blood clot sounds scary. We're here for you - sending out prayers and good thoughts like crazy.
Take care,

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Mel, I'm quite confused! On Dec. 30th you and Chris got the results of the CT scans which said his liver looked good and the lung mass was not cancer. From a Stage IIIc... That's four weeks! How can he have so much involvement in just four weeks? PLUS, he CEA was well within normal ranges.

I'm so concerned for you both. Can you speak with someone and find out if this could be an error?

Thinking of y'all in a special way this morning.

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Diane i am more confused than you! In dec they said he had the mass in his lungs. Then the CT said it was just residue from his blood clots in Aug but his liver was fine. So now they did a CT and they found lesions and a large blood clot in the main vein that drains the abs. So we went to the onc today and he said you have 3 lesions on the left lobe of your liver but we dont know what they are. So we will just finish out your treatment(3 more) then re scan you in March. If they have grown, changed shape, or multiplied then we will biopsy and start a new treatment for another 6 months. How can they not know what it is or try to find out? What if it is cancer, that gives it 3 months to grow or sprend without doing anything? If not cancer what else could it be? I am so stressed and confused....(sigh)... Thanks for caring


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Sorry to hear about the new problem with the blood clot. It is possible that the lesions in the liver could be clots. They probably can't do any further tests like a biopsy now until some time has passed for the clots to be stable. Hang in there. Hopefully it is not a recurrence of the cancer.


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It does sound a little confusing, which has to make it that much harder for you both. If they say they are finishing treatment first, that doesn't mean they are doing nothing for these 3tx, they are still doing something. It sounds like they really don't know what the lesions are - I went through that with my liver and upper abdomen nodes - waiting to find out what is seen, and if it goes away or changes is so hard to do. Maybe it is all related to the clots?

Has he had a lot of trouble regulating his INR since the first lung clots? We're having one heck of a time with mine. Sorry that he has a new clot.

There are lots of crazy things that can show up on our organs. I've learned more than I ever thought I'd know about that since my dx. I have plenty of really weird things in my body that are not cancer, but had to be investigated further to see what they were. Let's hope the same for Chris.

If what they see right now is too small, they really can't biopsy and get good results anyway. Frustrating to wait and see, but not much choice. Maybe they'll go away. Or maybe they'll not change at all and turn out to be dead tissue or scarring, etc.

Hang in there - I know its tough and frustrating, but the news might not be so bad in the end.

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OH Melanie, I'm sorry you two had to hear that. News like that really takes the wind out of all of our sails. Please keep us updated on Chris' progress.


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So sorry to hear this news. Was hoping that it was something minor. Sure you will get a new plan of action and hopefully all will turn out good. Thinking of you both.


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I am sorry for these results. I hope you get a new game plan that will be awesome!

Fight for my love
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Sorry to hear that.I hope the oncologist is going to have a new plan for further treatment and the new treatment will be a success.Take care.

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Dear Mel,

I'm so sorry that you got such scarey and confusing news. I will be praying for you. Hopefully there will be another explanation for these problems and they will be easily treated. Havn't been posting much but read almost everyday. Blessings to you all.

Debbie (gramma)

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hmh.... that is tough news to hear. Sorry that they a blood clot and the lesions. I'm thinking about you and Chris.


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I will be praying for you, that you find some peace and get some much needed time off from all the stress.

Take care and God Bless

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Are the biggest "weapons" we have in our arsenal for the long battle, Mel. These two weapons give us our biggest advantage in the war against cancer. Hang onto these two and this is what can turn things around in a big way for you!

It seems like forever, I know - everyone just wants to come in and do this or that in a set period of time - and then it's over, finito and adios. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. I look at myself and others who have been going into their 6th years now. We all wanted it to go away, but sometimes we have to fight over and over to achieve the goals we want in our lives.

I don't have all the answers and have never claimed too - just get stubborn and angry, and these too will serve you well when things aren't going the way you planned. That's what makes Cancer so tough - it never rests - just keep throwin' the kitchen sink at it and you will know that you are both doing everything that you can - and that means alot.

My wife and I have lost this entire past decade to "life events" and we are still going...if you get time, look for the post "Lights, Camera and Action..." and check out our story on the TV news that just aired last week. I know you both have the strength to keep fighting and fight on you must - it's not easy, but the good things in life seldom are.

I'm pulling for you both - I'm sorry things are rough right now and this news is not what what you wanted to hear.

Kimby once told me, "When you're in Hell, don't stop, put your foot on the gas!" She's a wise woman and I love her line and pay tribute to her today by using it.

Go Mel GO!!! We're with you.

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