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Constant Vomiting after removal of stomach?

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Can anyone help me? My grandmother is 69 and had her stomach removed in October 2009. Since then she has thrown up everyday ! The doctors can not find out why and we are at a loss for what to do! Has anyone else dealt with this? We are really lost!

Thank You.

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Tina Blondek
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Hi Elizabeth,
So sorry to hear that you and your grandmom are having such a hard time. I am a caregiver for my dad who has survived esophageal cancer, and is now fighting liver cancer. The only suggestion I have is to have her eat smaller meals throughout the day. She may only be able to handle a few ounces at a time. Hope this helps, best of luck to you both. Let us know how she is making out.

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From your comments it sounds like your Grandmother is having symptoms of the Dumping Syndrome. Where the body reacts adversely to the food she's eating which often results in nausea/vomiting and/or diarrhea. Sadly it is going to be mostly an experiment as to what she can handle or not.

For me I had major issues trying to eat Dairy and Sweets/sugary foods. I still won't go near grape juice as I had a major problem with it. The other hard part is that the reaction seems to change a few times as your body is acclimating to its new set up.

2.5 yrs out from my treatments I can eat dairy in small amounts where any amount used to cause me extreme discomfort. I still can't have chocolate. I can have regular sugar amounts, but substitutes cause me problems.

Another odd thing I've learned is that my body acts somewhat diabetic. Where if I take too much sugar in a short time frame a couple of hours later I will get extremely shaky and faint because my sugar level had spiked then dropped quickly.

As Tina mentioned eating small amounts until she determines what she can eat is key. I know early on I tried to eat more then was comfortable, but again it is all experimenting as we each react differently.

Hopefully this may give you some idea, I know not solutions but it's hard to have one for this situation.

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