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Possible Side Effect Assistance (Head, Neck and Sinus)

Snotty Peed
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Possible Side Effect Assistance

Head, Neck and Sinus

It's been 3 years since my radiation and chemo treatments ended and I was pronounced amazingly healed for the moment, as we all have learned to avoid the CURED word! Since then, like many of us have suffered with post treatment side effects. Mine are constant dry mouth, dry / clogged sinuses in the AM, eyes can't handle wind, chemo /radiation brain (-:, and fatigue. (Treatment for massive sinus tumor - full frontal and right maxillary - most all side effects due to 33 radiation treatments)

Over those years, I've been fortunate to come across some product or advice from fellow cancer survivors, which helps tremendously and I would like to share my discoveries. My doctors are quick to point out to me, NOT to play doctor, so let me say upfront I am simply a patient and NOT a doctor, nor do I play one on TV!

Dry Mouth - I've tried everything. The overwhelmingly best product I have found is a simple stick of Stride gum. Last for hours and keeps me from needing my sippie cup like my 2 year old grand daughter does as I'm 51. Before discovering Stride gum by total chance, I would panic if more than 5 feet from my water.

Fatigue - Your doctors will check or send you to a Endocrinologist to have your Thyroid levels checked. My levels were fine, but it took me hours to get up and get active most every morning. Then a fellow cancer survivor asked me about my Testosterone level. I had it checked and it was extremely low. My family doctor didn't know how I even got out of bed, it was so low. I tried Testosterone shots every 3 weeks, but my BCBS which pays 100% after deductible, would not pay for injections. I later switched to a rub in gel called AndroGel, which BCBS amazingly paid for. My levels are still low, but much higher than before and I can get up and function much better each morning.

Dry / Clogged Sinuses - A simple sinus flush bottle filled with distilled water, a squeeze of Johnson's Baby Shampoo and one packet of sinus rinse powder. One squirt up each nostril and allow to drain over sink. Then pinch off one side and blow like a gale force wind out of the other! Repeat for other side. It's not pretty, but it's wonderful to I breathe again!

Stride Gum, AndroGel and a Sinus Rinse!

Some of these may be common knowledge, but if not, I hope this brings some of you much needed relief. If any of you have other solutions I'd love to hear about them!

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I agree my favorite gum is Extra winterfresh, last for hours and keeps the mouth as best as possible. On the sinus flush my doctor told me that it should be done everyday.

Sometime we all need a little reminder, great post.

Take care and God be with you.

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thanks, will buy some today. Regular gum hasn't worked for me. Hopefully I can find it.

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How low was your testosterone? In what ways did this help you? Are you still doing trt?

I think this is one area far too few people look into. It's a rather new form of male hormone treatment with many benefits.


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My sinus surgeon wasn't kidding. I just had sinus surgery about 3 and a half weeks ago. He widened the openings to the sinuses because I had chronic infections. On my first post-op, he said something about working out a routine utilizing Johnson's Baby Shampoo. I laughed thinking he was kidding. I've been rinsing them for years but with salt water, not shampoo. It's a little unnerving now to know he wasn't kidding.

I'll have to look into the Testosterone part. There are days when I just cannot get going. I'm on thyroid pills but they really don't seem to help. If I really need to get moving, I end up taking a 5 Hour Energy bottle which I really don't like to do but it does work. Oh, to be able to swallow one of my Mexican Coffees again!

In looking over my response to see if there were any mistakes, I just noticed this thread was from 2010. Oh well, thanks anyway.

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