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more surgery

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I had surgery last week and went into the doctor yesterday to have my stitches removed. During my short visit with the nurse whom I have not met yet but seems nice tells me that my results are in and that the doctor wants to talk with me. At this point, my heart sinks and I can feel my blood pressure rising.

It was the longest three or four minutes! The doctor walks in... only its not my doctor its the other woman in the practice. Equally as nice, but clearly not familiar with my case. Anyway, she goes over each of the biopsy results with me. The one on my forehead is thankfully residue scar... I breath a bit easier. Then the two that she removed near the actual incision site... well those not so much. They too are Atypical cells growth and the only difference in these from the first one is that they are more aggressive... I sigh a deep breath and ask when they want me to come in and have yet another re-incision done. The doctor is sweet, but because she doesn't me, she begins to educate me on atypical cells. I am polite and ask her not to find me rude, but that I am not new to this circle and am very familiar with what is to come next. She peaks at my file and remarks, Oh I see that now. ( I wanted to hit her) .

Anyway... so tomorrow I go in for another re-incision and more waiting.

I am so tired. I am confident that this will be the last for a while, but it doesn't change that I am SO TIRED. I have a huge headache as well as a job interview day that I really want to go well.

I will keep you posted....

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Don't know what else to say except ....sorry that it seems neverending, hope that the venting here helps.

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Sorry to hear about your experience in doc's office. Seems some doctors just do not know how to relate to their patients. Of course could be like my wife's oncologist. When we first met him in October 09, he seemed all business, no personality, but now that we have seen him in his office and in the hospital numerous times, he is very friendly. My wife had the last CT scan in January and when he came into the room he was smiling from ear to ear and said, "I have got some pictures, do you want to see them?" My wife said, "Are they good? and he said "Yes they are." He had printed out all three CT scans since July 09 to show us just how much the biochemotherapy had reduced the tumors, you know a visual. I think he is one of those people who has got to know you well before they interact and warm up to you.
I am sure an oncologist has to deal with a lot, I mean cancer patients do not always have a good prognosis.

Good luck, hope your upcoming surgery goes well. You are in my prayers.


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Thank you for the support. I am doing my best to remain positive, but its certainly a bit harder this round as it just seems that its never-ending. I'm tired.

After all this, I still have to go into the oncologist... haven't gotten that far yet.

I am glad to hear your wife is doing better and pray to that it continues.

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So surgery went well considering she has already worked in that area. I am really, really sore and this one hurts more then the last. I have been resting, writing, napping and praying. I am confident that this will be the last for a while, but know its not the last.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. My thoughts and prayers are with ya.

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