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Husband and Myself Have Cancer

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This past summer my husband and myself were diagnosed with cancer. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July. I had a mastectomy and 10 lymph nodes removed. The tumor was almost 7 cm and 7 nodes were cancerous. I am stage 3a. Two months after my surgery, my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He has GBM4. For a few months we were numb and it was surreal. We did everything that we had to do. I declined chemo considering my husbands situation. In all honesty, even without his diagnosis, I don't know if I would have agreed to chemo. I am going through radiation right now and I am taking hormone therapy. My husband had surgery, 6 weeks of radiation and Temador. He did unbelievably well through all of this. For the last 2 months he has been on Temador 5 days a month. I totally understand this treatment makes him kind of out of it for 7-10 days. He promised me he would not "roll over and play dead" with his diagnosis and yet that seems to be exactly what he is doing. I am rallying myself everyday and feel that even though my body is broken, my spirit is healthy and that a positive spirit will get me through. His oncologist prescribed him ritlin to pep him up a little, but he hasn't taken it. He will not talk about our cancer. I'm getting more worn down day by day as I try to keep the mood up. Has anyone out there been in my position? I need someone who has gone through this similar situation to give some advice or encouragement on how do deal with it. No matter what, I know I have to be positive, but it is getting harder and harder.


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it's impossible to be positive all the time. i feel the same way with my husband, though. trying. but you are going through so much, yourself, and have come through to take care of your love. that is so admirable. you do what we all do, on top of what we all do. you're an example to us all.
i guess i don't have the advice... just encouragement. you inspire me.

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We found out I had a brain tumor in July 2010 and in September it was removed then in October, we found out my husband had intestinal cancer and in Nov he had his tumor removed. Talk about a scary time for us individually and as a family! All you can do is try to be positive, we wouldn't have made it through if it hadn't been for the love and prayers of our family.

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Hi Cathy,
IM so sorry to hear what your going through. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and a year later i got hodgkins lymphoma. Its literally a unfair tragedy to go through. Its been 4 years since she was diagnosed and i lost her 2 weeks ago. Its been a long hard road and we went through a lot. If i can help u in anyway just let me know. I would be more than happy to talk to you. Take care and i pray things work out for you guys. Scott

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