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Scope Done Today

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I went to the surgeon today to have a flex sig scope done because I was still having bleeding (but getting better). He said that colon looked healthy and j-pouch looked great the only part was right near the anus where the radiation was targeted so extensively and because I'm am going to the bathroom so much. You could see all the tiny little veins coming to the surface and although it wasn't bleeding at the time, sure can see why there is pain down there. So glad that all went well. He never thought there was a problem but just to make sure I wanted this. Glad my surgeon listens to all my rantings and unlevelheadedness (oh that is not even a word LOL).


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I am so glad to hear your good news. Is there anything else they can do for the pain? Are you doing ok? I worry about you, you know.



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I'm doing great except for this issue. Still not up to full speed from chemo, but getting better. I think and worry about you too - especially when I haven't seen you posting in so long. Glad you are back "on board"

Hugs! Kim

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I was thinking about you today! I am glad everything is okay!


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So glad that the flex showed nothing of concern. That is great news.

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Excellent! I'm SO glad there was no cancer found! Hope the bleeding and pain cease immeidately.


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Did he mention anal fissures? Radiation and surgery did a number on me and those used to break open and cause pain and bleeding frequently. Just curious...

At least you know what your up against - radiation is tough on both sexes - we'll talk about this one day...

Just so glad that you have an answer and all is as well as it can be.


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great news
be well

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That is good news. We're all striving for healthy looking colons. At least what we have left of them, anyway. Is this (the pain) something you're going to have live with or is there something they can do for this?

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He said it could take up to two more years to heal - yikes, but he did give me some protofoam to put up there if the pain or blood vessels start opening again. I've used it before when I had my tumor and it relieves the pain somewhat and the bleeding.


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That's great news Kim! OUCH, but good!

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Glad you got the procedure done.

Glad it showed nothing to cause concern.

Glad you have surgeon who listens and is concerned about your concerns.

Good wishes for total healing!


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to hear that it is not that bad . take care and have a wonderful day..


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Kim, thanks so much for updating us. We need to hear the good news. So glad for you!


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Paula G.
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Glad to hear the good news. Paula

Fight for my love
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Good for you,Kim.Nothing is more valuable than the peace in your heart.

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So glad that it went well! It's always SO good see read good news on here!

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Hi Kim,

I'm glad to hear all went well! When I had my last colonoscopy (Sept, I think), I also saw the dark red area that was full of surface blood vessels. I, too, was concerned about rectal bleeding that had started shortly before then. All was normal & I was told that this dark red area was radiation damage. Even though I don't have a stoma, it sounds like your situation with the bleeding and radiation damage has been similiar to mine.
Anyhow, so glad to hear your good news!

You take care-

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Glad to hear it is not that serious!

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Hey Kim,
I'm glad the scope showed nothing to worry about. Hope the pain is manageable. If unlevelheadedness is not a word it should be because it's awesome. Webster be darned - I'm going to use it.
Take Care.

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I'm so sorry about the sore bottom! Are they really bad hemorrhoids? I get those a lot, and not even the creams will take away the pain and itch. I know they can zap them with a lazer, but i fear they'll just come back again. What are they going to do for it?


I just saw a post where you said what they were going to do. Doesn't sound like hemorrhoids. Two years to heal??? Sheesh!

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