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I'm new to this messaging board. I hope i'm doing this right.

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I was recently diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer witch has been ct and is in my liver. I's there any one else that is going through this also.Just looking for advise.

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Betty in Vegas
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And you will find people here who can help you find great treatments, who will bouy you up when things are really tough, and who will pray for you when you need it. I know you will get a few answers, I just wanted to say welcome to this place.


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Welcome.....if you click on my picture to the left of this post, you can read details of our story. My husband was dx March 2009. Stage iv....chemo was his only option. If he decided not to have treatment, they only gave him 2 - 3 months. He is still here and doing well after his chemo treatment and subsequent treatments and meds. My advice is to fight with everything you have....and pray. After the 10 months that we have had, we truly believe in the power of prayer. Let us know what other kind of advice or info you need.

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Hi, and welcome to this group. My husband was diagnosed in July ’09 with stage 4. He went thru 6 rounds of chemo. and 5 weeks of radiation. We enjoyed a short break and have resumed chemo again. There is a sharp learning curve with this disease, as you learn more, you will have more questions. I have found this group to be a huge help and very responsive, so ask away. As for advise, stay strong and don't believe the stats!!!

Take care,

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I just want to say welcome, and remember we all share this disease together, so don't hesitate to ask quesiton, I am MOE, and you might need some BIG GIRL UNDERWEAR/BIG BOY UNDERWEAR, to get your thoughts together, we all use them on this board, not once but many times. My husband was diagnosed with stage 2 and had the esophojectomy back in july, he is doing good now, but i wasn't in april 09 when he was diagnosed. I don't wont to go into detail unless you want me too, but we all have been where you are at one time or another and some are still there not able to have surgery or treatment, but we all take one day at a time, with this ugly disease thats all you can do, we vent, cry, laugh, try to help, and hopefully give you advice we have already either done or going to have done.

Please know we are here you can ask any questions and somebody will have an answer for you.

Please tell us more and where do you live and etc.

Lori aka MOE

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I'm Kathy aka Mumphy. My husband Al was diagnosed with stage IV in may with mets to the thoracic lymphnodes. He was able to have surgery. We also found out that since then he has has mets to his lumbar spine, any way it a very long story. One you might find interesting.

Before I go into a long tangent you may want to go back and read my posts. They started somewhere in May.

There are many of us Stage IV patients or caretakers on this site and I'm sure if you ask someone will be there to answer or to just listen. Most of the time I find having them here to listen is a great comfort.

Good Luck, Keep us posted on your progress or if you ever just want to vent.

God Bless

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Tina Blondek
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Hi Wildblueyonder and welcome! I am a caregiver to my dad, Ray, 70, dx with ec in 11/08.
Not able to have surgery, had 6 wks of chemo and radiation. Ec gone! A year later.....still having trouble swallowing, had dilation done. A week later, severe pain on right side. Had ultrasound done, blocked bile duct with lesions to the liver. Spent 8 days at UVA. Had stent put in bile duct, and stent put in esophagus. Now onto the lesions on the liver. Phew!! that is a lot to digest isn't it?? Do not worry, I do not mean to scare you, but this is a loong and bumpy road....but we are still here! Dad will start oral chemo, xeloda next week to kill these liver tumors. The xeloda chemo worked well for the ec, so it will work well for the liver as well. Note my postive attitude. You have to stay positive.

You and my dad have a similar situation. Both with EC and mets to the liver. Hang in there, ask all the questions you have, learn all you can about this cancer, come to this site often, have a positive support group, start a journal, this is a great way to express your feelings. Keep us posted and remember you are not alone! We are all here for you.

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