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Blood Pressure Problems

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Has anyone has problems with blood pressure being too low. I am a little more then 4 ½ years passed my last treatment and just started having blood pressure problems. As normal the doctors are puzzled as to why and are running all kinds of test.

Radiation killed the thyroid and I had to start taking medication to adjust the levels needed in the body. The doctors are checking the thyroid levels as a precaution.

Still in Gods work shop

Kent Cass
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Hondo- sometimes my second number runs kinda low. Not sure about yesterday, when I had my 3-month Onco visit. Nurse was new (to me), but did spend one heckuva lotta time taking it, but said nothing. At a recent Port flush, the Nurse was alarmed at the oxygen level of my blood- was 86, and 90 is the minimum. She had me take a number of deep breaths, and it got up to 96 as a result.

Yesterday, my Onco said I didn't have to come back for 4 months, instead of 3! Oh yeah. And I finally asked her for some specifics as to the chemo put in me: 80 mgs of Cisplatin, or 20/day for 96 consecutive hours, twice; along with the Flourouracil, which I didn't ask her about, and the full head and neck rads. Any opinion on how much Cisplatin I was given? 20mgs/day, stretched out over 24-hours with the pumps, even though for 96 consecutive hours in weeks #1 and #4, doesn't sound like the mega-dose I thought might have been put into me. As always, my Brother, I value your opinion to the upmost- as do we all.



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It is always good to know that you are out there watching over your little brother. Blood pressure got down to 90/51, I went to the doctors today and got checked and they can’t find anything wrong as I look to be in top health for someone who been to hell and back. More test coming I am sure, just hope this is not another said affect of having 14,700rad and chemo.

Take care my brother.

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What has your heart rate been lately ? Are you on Hig Blood Pressure pills ? Just wondering ?

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This morning I took it at work 120/81 Pul 81 all OK, then started to feel a little funny took it again 97/51 Pul 85, Started feeling OK again 132/83 Pul 86.

My history of radiation is 14,700Rads with in one year and Chemo I am not sure what type of bunny juice the Chemo was. Over the years I have had a lot of different side affects and the doctors all relate it back to the treatment, I hope this is not another one.

Take care

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Hey there,

My husbands has always run low. Usually about 90/58 is "normal" for him. Mine runs low too. I am sure it is fine. His ran low before all the treatment.


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Hi Donna

Looks like I will have to join you in the low pressure range. When the blood pressure gets too low it starts to make me feel like passing out, do you have any problems or feeling of passing out when your pressure gets low.

I have a bad feeling the doctors are going to tell me this is another new normal. Me and God can live with it just wish it gets back to what it was.

Thanks again and God be with you.

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A couple of years ago my BP started to run high, mainly on doctor visit days or when highly stressed at work, like when boss calls in a panic saying you screwed something major up, when they just didn't see what was actually done.

Docs put me on BP meds and this lowered it to a normal or a little below normal on non doc days. Doc days it is still high even with the meds. I have a little electric BP machine that I watch what it is and fax over to the doc every few months what the levels are so he can adjust the meds if necessary.

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Thanks SASH I really needed the laugh, sounds like my old boss. He has been dead for 8 years now but I do miss him. He was one of those Boss Father figures, beat you and love you all at the same time, we worked almost 28 years together.

Take Care

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I'm in wholehearted agreement with you,before our LORD,that He
gives wisdom to your doctors to diagnose and CORRECT the blood pressure issues AND provide a treatment to restore your jaw function as well.

You are a faithful servant Hondo. Im just happy you have His love and strength in your life!


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I look at it this way, there is nothing coming on me that my Friend Jesus does not know about, and with each new trials I go through he has already been there. As long as I walk in the path that He has prepared and keep my focus on my Lord and not the world it will someday lead me to His home.

These little things I go through are nothing compared to what He suffered for someone like me. Sometimes these trials are Gods way of perfected his image in His children to help other find there way to Him.

God bless and keep you in His workshop.

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