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Latest on husband

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It's been a while since I last posted. My husband has completed 9 rounds of chemo, the last 3 being 5-FU and Irinotecan. He's been feeling pretty good. Lost a lot of weight in Nov. and Dec. but now starting to gain again, YAY!!!! His energy is coming back and he's not as depressed as he was. His tumor markers went from 15.7 back in Oct. to an unbelievably high number of 2700. Doctors still stumped on that because he cannot see any major tumor growth. His last marker showed a drop of 800 points which tells us the new treatment is doing its job. His neuropathy continues to get worse in his hands and feet. He's always dropping and spilling things which bothers him. His tube feedings are going well, he's even been able to tolerate yogurt, ice cream and of all things Captain Crunch. He doesn't have a problem with swallowing, it's the terrible taste he has in his mouth. I thank God everyday for giving him and everyone on this site the courage to fight this disease. Stay strong everyone!!!

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Tina Blondek
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Dear Aunti M,
So glad to hear that your husband is doing so much better! God is good! Thanks for posting and giving us an update. I am a caregiver for my dad, Ray, 70 dx with ec 11/08 had chemo and radiation, tumor shrunk, now it has methasized to his liver. We meet with the onc this Thursday to discuss weather to do chemo or not. Drs want dad to go thru with the chemo, but dad is unsure. Hopefully we will all make the right decision. Hello to your husband, keep up the good work!

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Hi M,

Glad things are going so well. Just to let you know Al's tumor markers have always been normal
Go figure. I completely understand about the neruopathy Al's feet are still a mess and he is
still cold alot of the time.

Again I am so glad things are going well.

Please keep us posted on how things are going.

God Bless,

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Betty in Vegas
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It sounds like he is doing so very well. That is awesome! You must be a great caretaker! :)


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It is good to hear from you, and even better to hear that your husband is doing well.


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