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hello everyone

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hi everyone.
I have been posting for a while, but haven't really "formally" introduced myself to the board.I have added a picture of myself and my sister. (I am the one in the striped shirt, she with the tye dye.) If any of you have read my page you know that my sister has stage IV cc. She was diagnosed in March, 2009. I have been reading the boards since about June and posting for the last couple of months. She has been lurking on the boards also and she is finally going to post soon she said. You have all given us so much hope. This is the best web site and each one of you are so couragous. We feel that we know all of you and I would like all of you to get to know us also. By reading all of your posts, we know there is always hope. You all have taught us to never give up. If you aren't satisfied with a Dr., fire him. Get 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th 6th opinions. We feel many options are open for her especailly after reading about some of the treatments/ surgeries you guys have had. I wanted to say I am very sorry for all of you for the tremendous losses here on the board with in the last couple of weeks.
Thank you all for the encouragement you give to everyone. I will see you all on the board.


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Hi Amy,
It's great to hear from you. I'm also stage IV - diagnosed in July '09. I spent several months just reading posts here, but recently joined. I'm really glad I did. We'd love to hear from your sister. I want to know where she got that rocking tye dye.

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Hi Eric, thanks for the reply.
BTW the Tye Dye shirt was made for her school's (She is a 7th grade math teacher)band field trip. She went along on the trip to Hershey Park (her daughter is 14 and in the band. She is an excellent trumpet/guitar player) and they were all given the shirts to wear. It is the school colors!!!


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Paula G.
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My husband just put up my picture on here. I hate it. I will get another up soon. I hope. Glad you have found help here. We have too. I really love all of these people. Good luck to your Sis.

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Hi Amy,

Welcome to you & your sister. This board is a wealth of knowledge; I have learned a lot.

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thank you all for your support, knowledge, and wisdom.
You guys are great.


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Hey, Amy.

We'll enjoy getting to know both of you. I'm sorry about your sister's diagnosis, but I am glad we can be of help and comfort.


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Hi Amy, welcome to the board,we are all family here and you will be soon. I am also stage IV with mets to the liver. If you have any questions I will be glad to answer. I will be going in for a sir spheres procedure for the liver mets on Wed. let me know if you would like info regarding this treatment. Not sure if you all are dealing with liver mets, but if so then would be happy to answer any questions. Patti

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We're so glad you're here. We're really sorry you have to be here, but this is one of the finest boards out there for support. When I started posting here, I immediately felt so many arms around me -- guiding me with an overwhelming sense of love.

I hope you two feel the same.


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this is an incredible group of people to be communicating with. Glad you found them/us. This family is really good at giving (((HUGS)))!

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Hello Amy I am sorry to hear about your sister. Hang in there because I belive there is hope for eveyboby. I am new to this board too. My mother has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and I know how hard it is to watch a family member suffer with this disease. I have learned so much from everybody here who are all struggling with the same thing. It is nice to have a place like this to go to for support. I havent been able to talk my mom into posting yet because she is not ready but I share with her what I learn from these wonderful people.

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Glad you 'introduced yourself' and hope soon your sis will feel comfortable joining us as well.

Best wishes and thoughts to you both.


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Glad to meet you both. Yes, you have found "your second home". This is a place I thank God I found. It has been my lifeline to what is now my new "normal" life. Anything...and I mean ANYTHING that you guys need.....we are all here. Take care and have a great day.


BTW......... the 2 guys in the photo with me are SUNDANCEH (Craig) and ERIC38 (Eric) which are members of this board. I was recently in Arlington, TX to watch a Cowboy game and us 3 got together for a meet. They are awesome guys and I am sure you will meet them both on here.

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Hi Amy

Stage IV as well - recent DaVinci robot surgery on lung mets, 1st in TX to do so. Check out the post "Lights, Camera, and Action..." if you would like to see the tv newscast of that story they did on me :)

I'm sorry about your sister, but as you have seen, so many great people to help out here when you need it!

Very nice to meet you and I hope that all goes well for Sis and that she joins in as well.

Thanks, Jennie - for the plug, LOL :)


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Welcome to you and your sister (name?). I was diagnosed stage 4 in August 2004. There are more and more options for us each day.

Be well... Rob; in Vancouver

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