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I just wanted to thank everyone for responding to my post last week. I now have a game plan and will be going in for a procedure this Wed. afternoon to fix my kidneys, I also will have a new Onc. to work with when I get my kidneys working right. Anyway I want to say thank you to everyone for being there for me.

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that you have found new options and a new Onc. to work with. It just confirms the value of this forum.

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I am glad to glad to hear you have a game plan & a new onc. I hope your procedure goes well & you have great success with the new onc.

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You're the man - get better and be well!


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That's great Pat. I'm really glad that you have a new plan. Good luck on Wednesday. We'll be waiting anxiously to hear how it goes.

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That's wonderful. I'll be praying for beautiful results.


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good to hear that you found someone new remember they work for you. I fought for 3 yrs and stood my ground and reminded them I pay the bills so earn your money that is the only way they found my cancer I am grateful they did . Hang in there and will pray for you on Wednesday..

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Hello Pat, I have been reading your posts and have been praying for you. I am glad to hear that you have a game plan in place. Sometimes that can be the hardest part. I will say a prayer that everything goes well on Wednesday.

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glad you are comfortable w/ the new onc and plan....I will be thinking of you.

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What's your game plan? I'm very curious about your approach to the kidney issue.

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I'm glad to hear you have a game plan and that you're also changing oncs.
You take care, buddy. You've been on my mind a lot lately. I'm praying...


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Prayers are heading your way.

Am glad you have a game plan and wish you every success with it and the new Onc.


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Good Luck with the new plan, I hope it works well, and you have a speedy recovery, my prayers are with you, and will be thinking of you, let us know how it went when you're up to it!


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ahhh Pat that is terrific news. A plan is always good.

best of luck and wishes,


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I am sure glad you have a game plan that you are moving forward with. So what is the plan? Good luck my friend, I will be thinking about you. Tina

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Pat, so glad you have a new plan! My prayers are going out to you and your physicians as they to this. **HUGS** to you, friend!

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