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No Peg question, thank you all for your feedback

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Thank you all for the tremendous response, I will get PEG, I guess you can't go by that you think your tough and can handle it. This appears to be something you do not want to take as a challenge.
Thanks again to all.

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A port is another item that should be standard. I had a double port and it worked flawlessly.

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I'm so glad to hear that. Who knows, maybe you'll go through treatment and never have to use the PEG -- but if you have to, you'll be awfully glad you had it.
And either way, it leaves a really cool scar on your belly. Years from now you can tell people, "Yup, that's my old war wound. Got it back in two thousand and ten."
Now, get out there and kick cancer's butt!

--Jim in Delaware

Kent Cass
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A wise choice- indeed- to get beforehand. And, not a matter of tough, or not, to me. Got both the Port and PEG before any treatment, and neither was a big physical deal- other than getting put-under to get installed. Maybe a little discomfort, and the PEG is somewhat of a nuissance, but for the good it did me in getting thru it all= a no-brainer. And, maintenance is relatively easy: 3x3 or 4x4 guaze, 4" paper tape, a pair of scissors, cotton balls and peroxide to cleanse the entry area with guaze changes, and that's it. I don't figure any of us took the prospect of getting a PEG with ease, Ocean, but it will likely soon become to you nothing more than a very necessary minor nuissance which you are most grateful for having. Many of us know this to be the way it is. Got my PEG about a year ago, have not had to use since early-April, but still have, and will for at least three more months. Just a minor nuissance, of which I am most grateful for having had.

Best of luck to you Ocean. Keep us informed, and



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