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Informative Cancer Site

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Nana b
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Thanks for the link!

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"Some recent studies have shown that patients with a higher quality of life may live longer. "

That certainly doesn't explain the very affluent, thousands of celebrities,
famous political figures, and all the "rich and famous" that have rapidly
succumbed to cancer through the decades.

Having a "good quality of life" and eating well can certainly help
your immune system build up and work better, and that will help
your body fight the ills of cancer, or any desease....

But chemotherapy destroys the immune system, and leaves the body
with only the chemicals that are pumped into it, to kill cancer cells.

And then.... they tell us that chemo isn't guaranteed to kill any
cancer cells at all...! It may or may not even make a dent in the
amount of cancer cells growing in our body.

Am I the only one that's disgusted with this scenario?

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What else is there to do? While researchers keep learning more about cancers and tumors and while currently we seem to have radiation, chemo and/or surgery (or variations thereof) what else can you do but the chemo, radiation and surgery?.......steve

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While I would not attempt to persuade anyone to take the path I had
taken, much less insist that it's the only path to take, I would always strongly
suggest changing paths if the one you're on is leading no-place.

We wouldn't keep bringing our car to the same repair shop, or continue to
put the same engine additives into it, if we find the car's being destroyed by
what had we expected to fix it....

Yet, that is exactly what so many are doing with mainstream medicine.

I had come here some years back, and decided that it was just too depressing
to read so many people's high hopes go to ruin. I didn't begin posting until
recently, after deciding that if I didn't attempt to encourage at least one person
to stray from the industrial stranglehold, I'd be a total failure in life.

If Chemo is working for anyone, they should stay with it. Likewise, if
Traditional Chinese Medicine works, or juicing, or anything else that's
doing the trick, it should be stayed with as well. Do what works best for you.

If my path fails me, I will try something else, not "give up", or continue to
take the same herbs. If I tried another type of TCM, or different herbs,
and it failed me, I would not hesitate to look into western medicine, or any
other alternative for a remedy.

That's what survival is all about: not dwelling on the same failing path, and
having the courage to look for a better path.

There are other very viable options out there; chemotherapy and radiation
aren't the only tools to fight cancer with. If we limit ourselves to those tools alone,
and they do not work for us, we should look elsewhere.

We should not go blindly, but take the time while we have the time, and learn
what other paths have worked for others; what other paths show promise.

I feel so helpless, reading of deaths of those that put so much faith so continuously
into the corporate cancer industry et al, rather than have taken the courage to
go elsewhere; to try something different.

Some of the most wealthy, well to do individuals, with the best psychological
outlooks have perished from cancer. "Thinking positive" isn't a "cure", it just makes
those around us feel better.

What may work a million times better, is the ability to allow your own sense of
survival to take precedence; to allow yourself to follow your own lead. To not be
afraid to change doctors, or modalities when your best senses tell you to.

Sorry, but reading about deaths of those that had so much hope, just takes
the wind out of me.

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