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About my Surgery and Recovery...

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Hi Everyone..
I've been OFF THE BOARD since my surgery on Dec 30th and am finally ready to come out of isolation and share my story. There were many surprises and difficulties with my 2-week stay in the hospital. I did not know, until a few days ago, how major a surgery I had. My expectation was that they would reach in and "pull it out" BUT THAT WAS MY DISNEYLAND APPROACH. My follow-up visit with the surgeon last week revealed a whole lot of cutting and reconnecting--having taken 2/3 of my rectum and part of my bowell (very major surgery). Glad I didn't know the details while in the hospital. I couldn't be released until I pooped but odly enough I was walking on the 2nd day and pretty much pain free end of first week. My bowell was asleep and it finally took INDUCEMENT to get it working. I am definitely mourning loss of my birth bowell/rectum and experiencing lots of gas and false urges. Rerouting of my organs is still a challenge and I visit the bathroom frequently. I've been doing lots of Walking and trying to maintain a good diet (lost 10 pounds this past month).
I've had no chemo/radiation-----YET! Can't make that decision till I recuperate from this recent major surgery. My strongest emotions are FEAR--and maintaining HOPE for a healthy future. Best I can do is live ONE DAY AT A TIME--and JUST FOR TODAY has become my mantra.
I am slowly getting stronger but it's definitely a JOURNEY! All of you loving folks out there are an important part of my healing. And my daily creating of Art is very healing.
Hope to reconnect with your lives and find out what's happening in your world.

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glad to hear you are doing well. You will get stronger every day!!

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Hi MaryJane! so glad to see you post, and boy! do I know about surgery pain and healing, I had like 5 of them within 8 months of each other it seemed. I can't get over that I actually been out of the hospital for a few months now, just when I was getting used to practically living there!

It took about 6 weeks of finally feeling good when I had a colostomy, the worse pain is the huge incision, when it's healing, and the wound vac didn't help, the home health aides who came to my house for all those weeks, 3 times a week, changing my dressing, I was screaming, and crying at times, but it does get better!!! I promise! everyday I felt stronger, and my incision looks ok now! I look like I have a set of buttcheeks on my belly!

Just give it time, and get some great pain meds, the pain team should help you there, I am praying for your speedy, healthy recovery, and hoping everything goes well!


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It sounds like you have been through the wringer....poor thing.
Now IS the time to rest....try to get some really good protein in every day to help with healing rebuilding all those surgical wounds. If you are not against eggs, I always found a boiled egg after surgery would go down well. Don't feel guilty if you want to crawl back into bed....just do it. Have you ever tried listening to meditation tapes? MJ? I found/still find those very relaxing and I can drift off....and don't start worrying about chemo...time enough.

MJ I remember post surgery lying in the bath tub and thinking "Lord...just give me the strength to get up out this tub and get into a nightgown before I collapse back into bed" lol

so thrilled to hear you can do some walking....

all best hugs

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Glad you are feeling up to getting back into the swing of getting your life back , I to have a second butt on my belly LOL had cc and 72 stapples was very sore for weeks and had to use a step ladder just to get in and out of bed but now the ladder comes in handy in the kitchen LOL chin up it does get better just rest for now that is the best healing you can do for yourself and let time take care of the rest best of luck to you and will be praying.

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Maryjane, You are in my thoughts and prayers. Fear is the opposite of faith. Have faith that it will be ok. Choose hope.



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I'm glad that you're getting stronger every day. Like others have said, get your rest. It was major surgery after all. Crawl in bed or rest on the couch. Take a nap when your body says it's time to nap.

It's gonna take a while for your innards to figure out what they're doing. I've always kinda likened it that they're missing part of their buddy. It might have been a mutant part of the gang, but he was part of the gang and now he's gone. They're (your colon) is just trying things out without it's other part.

I'm just now figuring out what and when I eat affects my bathroom habits. I actually started on Activia yogurt about 3 weeks ago and that really does help. :)

Like Kimby said, turn that fear into faith. Keep hope. There is always hope.

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