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post surgery pain near ribs? Steroid shot?

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Hi everyone. We're new on this board, although I've read some of your entries earlier during the year. Last February my hubby was diagnosed and he's had chemo and radiation and then esophagectomy last July. He still has pain on his right rib area (about where the new attachment is.) His doctor on last visit said that there are nerves along the ribs that are cut and they create this pain and they can shoot them with steroids to stop it. Has anyone else had this pain and/or the shots? Any more info on this?

FYI- he had brain tumors show up in November, yes metastisized adenocarcinoma. They've been surgically removed and he had radiation to that area of the brain just before Christmas 2009. He's doing pretty well now, trying to build up strength and weight.

What a frightening trial it has all been.
Thank God for supportive friends and prayers.

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fIRST OFF LET ME WELCOME YOU TO THE BOARD my husband 45 years old had the same surgery last july sounds like they both had the same procedure, he will have pain on the right rib area for a long time one they had to either cut a muscle or break a rib to do the surgery it will be painful off and on for awhile, the way they lay, move or etc, can cause uncomfortableness, mine still has some numbness there and complains about it also but his doctor told him in time it will get better, we did not go with the shots. His tumor on his esophogaus was a stage 2 and adenocarcinoma but had not metastisized yet when we found out, not only did he go through 3 months of chemo then surgery he still shows no evidence of disease and it all started thinking it was his gallbladder as that was all his symptoms, of course he use to work the swing shift, and had alot of indegestion, but his primary care never thought he had cancer, now she sends everyone for a scope after finding his and if I had not been persistent in doing one we might not have found his. It sounds like we have walked the same shoes, for awhile, also during this time my husband's plant closed its door after being in business since 1913, so that was also a shock to us, so in 2009 we were given our diagnosis on April fools day and then 3 months later was given notification that his plant was shutting so 2009 was not our year for sure. I don't know if your husband has had to take radiation but mine did not have too, now he has had to go for stretching of his new esophogus, several times, and he has to go to a low fiber diet, but other than watching what he eats, and taking it one day at a time he is doing good.

I always say on this site, when you hit a bump in the road, JUST PULL UP YOUR BIG GIRL UNDERWEAR AND KEEP ON GOING, we never was promised a ROSE GARDEN, and to fight Cancer is not an easy fight.

I hope I have enlightened you on some things you are asking and if I can help further please ask, we all come in here to help, vent, laugh or what ever we need to do.

If you don't mind telling us your husband age and how they found it would be great as we have alot of regulars that answer you and would love to share there findings also.

Love and hugs
Lori aka MOE

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Hubby is 62. I know what you mean about 2009 not being your (our) year. Hubby also wishes he could go back to work again, but he's just not strong enough. He hates that. Also, after the chemo/rad we returned home and one day later his mother died. (one year after his Dad died.) I was really glad to see the end of 2009.

They found his cancer cuz he was having trouble swallowing, and of course he put it off for a while until he pretty much couldn't swallow anything.

I just keep praying we will come through this together. After 35 years together and working so hard we were almost ready to enjoy retirement together. (We also had 2 daughters who also both died years ago- no other children- so I just can't bear the thought of losing him too.)

Anyway, I'm grateful to be able to get answers and learn from others here,

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Betty in Vegas
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And now and then, it still bothers him but he says it is less every day. He said it was a weird feeling like he has a "stitch" or something pinching there. I had no idea they would do anything for it. I will mention that to him, thanks!

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