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Retired since 1986 needs to know some information

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how does it go I am to start chemo on the 4th of feb and scared to death. I have had counostrophy then lymph nodes removed luckliy both came back negative. I then had upper lobe of left lung removed along with 3 ribs and the tumer of 8 centemeters was removed 26 days ago. Still in alot of pain from surgery. I am worried about chemo treatments i hear all kinds of stories about them. I seem to get no one to just give it all to me straight. I have tried to get into the chat room all day today and been unable to get in. So if you don't mind tell me how it went and what i am to expect. I lost 25lbs already and hear I will loose alot more during chemo there is not alot left to loose lol. Thanks for your time and if i may get a little more of your time to explain what to expect from the chemo treatments. The name of the cancer that was removed isepidermoid carcinoma of lung Thanks Harold Jones My email is brokenheart@chesnet.net

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I don't know if anyone responded. Fact is that they use many different chemos depending on things such as type of cancer, is it aggressive or not and also your overall health. I went through a very harsh treatment 12 years ago but then I had an aggressive growth cancer, I was overweight (which was good in this case) and I was able to handle the affects. On the other hand my 81 year old mother is now taking chemo and the only side affects seem to be fatigue. They do a good job controlling nauseau these days which is much better than when I went through it. Mine was not lung cancer rather it was tonsil.

Are you in treatment now?

try and join the "Lung" group. It may have been a very busy day.

Good luck


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Your probably not getting a straight answer becuase there is no straight answer when it comes to chemo. Everybody reacts differently. Every drug has different side effects. You may get some of the side effects, you may get all of them (like me) of you may get none at all. It just depends on the person. For me, chemo was the worst experince I have ever had to endure but it saved my life. For others who were on the same treatment as me it was no big deal. I was in and out of the hospital during chemo but others were not. There really is no way to predict how you will react to chemo.

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heres straight as i know it,had SAME thoughts as you,stage 3 EC,had agressive chemo.Didnt get sick,lose any hair,did lose some weight.Your going to get differnet versions from mine-but know this NOP TWO PEOPLE ARE THE SAME,so dont let the stories scare you,like I did!
First off,the chemo of TODAY is NOT the horror stories of the past that we've always heard and feared,not even close! I had Cisplatin and 5FU chemo drugs 6 weeks
Now they medics DONT want you to be sick,seriously-they give you anti nausea before and after the chemo treatment,you set in a small office type cubical in a recliner with a tv and remote, to past the time,and eat or drinks if you want.alos send you home with up to 4 differnt meds for nausea,that you take in order.For me-I snacked throughout the day,i might get a litte queasy if my stomach was empty or to full,that was mild,,I still worked and baled hay the whole time.
Compared to surgery[that kicked my butt] the chemo was just time consuming!

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