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Cant stand anymore

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I under went surgrery on 6=22=09 for non small cell lung cacer. since then I have been taking chemo. I dont think my family understands me anymore. I have so many crazy things run through my head.I live in constant fear every sniffle and cough.I can no longer think straight on many days. I get real sick from the chemo and I am in constant pain. My dr. informed me he doesnt want me to brcome dependant on pain meds. I am a recovering drug addict but pain is pain and I can bearly stand it sometimes. I have thought about quiting chemo. I live on a fixed income or I would get a new dr.I cant even pay all my bills much less get another dr. HHHHEEELLLPPP me?

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did I understand you right. you have been on chemo for 7 months? how often are your treatments? I understand about the worry about getting sick again, this is what I have been doing If I get a pain or am sick I wait a week and see if its any better if not then I tell my dr. but usually its gone or improving in that amount of time. I did the same thing because my dr.is not encouraging about what he will do IF it comes back.he basically told me there is nothing he can do. so I am getting a new dr.Because after reading all the stories on here about people that have had cancer and had it return and took care of that one you just fight the fight if thats what you need to do but what if you spend your life worrying and it never comes back? try to keep a positive attitude. and when you get down just know that there are a lot of people here with great stories of wellness and focus on that. I have problems sometimes of making long term decisions because I worry what if I'm not here, but then I have to think what if I AM I would have missed a great opportunity. I know it's not easy but try to hang in there. pat

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Thanks for ur encouragement im feeling so what in better spirits today

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I understand you are in recovery and I guess that's why your doc is concerned about pain med dependency, but surely he can prescribe something? I thought it was kind of a given that a patient should not have to be in pain. Is it the chemo that causes it?

My Pulmonologist does just the opposite and overprescribes; when I left the hospital after a chest-tube procedure I came home with Vicodin (500mg every 4 hours) and Fentanyl patches. It was too much. When I removed the patch and began cutting down on the Vicodin I could feel myself getting antsy and suffering sweats & chills & nausea, and it wasn't because I had pain...I have a family member who is alternately using/in recovery, so I recognized the symptoms of withdrawal. It's just as wrong for a doctor to overdo as to underdo, in my opinion, but there should be a happy medium.

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Your doctor should be able to control pain. My dad has enough meds to control pain. this is important. Find another doc if he wont. They don't usually work about addiction with cancer.

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So whats the Doc think.
The Pain Meds are addicting.
What the hell if the cancer don't kill ya the pain meds will.I think I would rather go out in no pain of course that's my opinion.
You can always work on quiting the meds when you beat the cancer.

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yes thank u Im lookin to get new doc it is either that or stop treatments. I have my very first grandbaby and i want to fly to flordia and c her. but i am in 2 much pain

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