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Top 10 high calorie foods to gain weight after esophaectomy---WE NEED HELP

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Hi all my CSN EC friends.....

For those that have had surgery---what are the most successful foods for you all?

My dad is doing well in so many ways---looking to the future now by buying a older used RV so he can make a family get together!!! this July, eating a little more, doing more. etc.

But---- still not gaining weight... My mom upped his night time feeding to 4 ensures and he is trying more foods, but taste is still off and has limited himself to more familiar, bland foods for security sake...

You may send a private email if you wish because I am not able to be on here as much as I wish to be...
thanks so much

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Kim- It's so tough to regain the weight, especially when nothing tastes good and they don't really feel hungry anyway and if they do eat they fill up so fast! My hubby couldn't tolerate ensure (too much sugar) so we found a product: Boost Breeze. It is a juicelike drink in a box, 3 flavors. You can order it online from Walgreen's dot com. Not in stores. Good tasting and different from those milky textures. They also have benecalorie, which has lots of calories packed into a tiny package (2 or 3 ounces) that can be added to things. Odd texture though- haven't fooled my hubby into accepting it in very many things yet. Of course, can add powdered milk to regular milk and to mashed potatoes to up the benefit. Hubby also drinks sugar free Carnation Instant Breakfast (he likes the already liquid ones). At first I mixed it in with coffee in the morning and microwaved it to get it all hot. Now, he mixes it with Starbucks frappucinos and microwaves them hot-- more calories in the starbucks than in regular coffee. Unjury protein powders can be mixed with some things- comes in chicken flavor and unflavored, I think. Have you checked with your hospital nutritionist? Sometimes they can give you samples to try. Good old peanut butter & ritz crackers, too. Also, nut bars (like Sweet & SAlty). I try to find things with calories and protein to snack on throughout the day.
Good luck-

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Thanks Jen, i replied to your other e-mail, i will also pass this on to my husband and sure there are others that need this also. thanks


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Start looking around at the sites that provide stuff or the people that have lapband or gastric bypass surgery. My mother in-law had the lapband done and she had to drink some protein powder designed for bariatric procedures and still does after a fill to help maintain her protein intake and the calories also. She bought some of the flavors that are used in coffee and use them to make shakes. Just a thought.


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