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Thyroglobin without RAI.

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Hi There. I had TT in July 09 - they found it was papiliary after the surgery - was told I didn't need RAI...I kept questioning this...after seeing a couple of Endo's that had different opinions...one suggested to test my Thyroglobin to see if RAI is needed or not. I don't understand what this test is showing...the nurse called to give me the results, so I didn't get to ask the Dr.

Can anyone explain the blood results to me?

My results are: the level is 2 which means it's a low positive per the nurse who called me. They are going to schedule an ultrasound.

Has anyone any advise as to what to expect? Will this mean that I will get RAI?


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My understanding from personal experience and internet research is that after a TT when positive finding for cancer, RAI is almost always done.

I have no experience with thyroglobin levels, haven't gotten there yet. I am one week post RAI.

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My Dr's, the surgeon & Endo have defined a new criteria for when RAI is required...they have determined that RAI is given too often & don't feel that it is always necessary.

So, now I am pushing them to prove to me that it's not needed, which is why they did the thyroglobin level test.

Now that it's showing a low positive, I don't know what to expect...

It's really hard knowing who to beleive in...trust in Dr's is not my strong suit. I've seen too many make mistakes with my family...I'm not sure what to beleive anymore.


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If you still have production of Thyroglobulin after a total thyroidectomy that means that there is thyroid tissue still remaining--it could be cancerous or not. The sonogram will look for tissue in the neck and might result in an RAI treatment to find and kill remaining tissue. They will continue to monitor your Thyroglobulin levels to see if cancer returns--probably for the rest of your life.

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