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Ablation of Kidney Tumor

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I had a nephrectomy of my left kidney in November 2007 (12 cm tumor). Urologist just found 2 cm tumor on right kidney. He is recommending an ablation of the tumor (not sure if it will be cyro or radio wave). Has anyone had a similar experience? Any insight would be helpful.

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I'm anxious to hear how this all works out for you. I had right kidney removed 2006 and now have tumor on left kidney. Currently 1cm with new MRI in March. The Doctors said they wanted to wait and watch due to size. Where is the tumor located? Mine is in the middle on the back side. What have they told you about after ablation? Keep up your spirits. We have to take one day at a time. I TOTALLY understand your anxiety! I was ok with the first one but when they told me my other kidney had cancer I lost it!

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I had lapo cryoablation April 2010 on the left kidney. All went well. However just told I had a tumor in the very MIDDLE of the kidney now along with one in the same spot as where they did cryoablation. Not sure if the cells spread during surgery or if new ones grew. MRI again in June, hate waiting!

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I believe that the RF ablation is percutaneous; and, as you stated, the cryoablation is laporascopic. In either method how is the cancer confirmed, by biopsy or by film study alone? From what I've read the ablation is very effective for small tumors; but, if it is totally irradicated internally it would seem that there can be no pathological studies.

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