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Notification of CSN members

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I'm wondering what kind of provisions members have made to let others know in the event that one of us dies. It seems to me that CSN ought to have a central registry of some kind, where a family member or friend could leave an announcement, instead of in the forums where such announcements can get lost. I'm not exactly sure what I will do, yet.

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I have been a member since the beginning of December when my dad was diagnosed w/stage IV adenocarcinoma. I have often wondered about this. I have searched through the many topics & have browsed through the survivors' experiences. Seeing how the drugs have progressed from trials to now standard protocol. I have seen some survivors communicate with everyone that they have lost a friend on the network & I read posts from certain individuals, whom I no longer see posted messages.Yes I do believe there should be a registry of sorts for such a forum.

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Glenna M
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I think your idea of a registry is wonderful. It would make it easier on our families if they could just leave a note about our passing rather than post it on the forums. It would also allow those of us who are searching for a member we have lost contact with to check the registry.

Hopefully CSN will come up with something for us in the very near future.

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Have you checked out the mosiac center in cancer.org Friends and families can share special memories and photos. Tell your story or thier story. You can create an honoring or an in memory of page for the person you wish to celebrate. It may be what you are looking for. It's just hard to find so not many people here have heard of it. What would be great would be if we could create links to other pages in the network. We could make an announcement on the discussion board with a link to the mosiac page.

Check it out.

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