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2 Days Post Da Vinci

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Home from the hospital yesterday. Surgeon said procedure went well. Felt good to get some sleep in my own bed last night. Bags took a little getting used to but not having any issues. Have only been taking tylenol for pain so far, so I am happy about that. Will be going out for a little walk today and I am looking forward to the fresh air. I will have pathology results on Friday when I go to get the catheter out. Thanks again to all for your support. I will keep you posted.


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Glad you are up and about. Take those first walks a little easy. Lots of short ones - don't want to strain anything today. Or tomorrow for that matter.

Will be watching for news.

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You are making better progress than I did. But my cath gave me a lot of trouble.
May you have a speedy recovery.

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Welcome to the other side of this cancer! Hoping for a good Path report.

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hey thats great like the others have said walking is good but steady as you go, the catheter can be fun but soon out.dont forget to drink as normal plenty of fluid to help that bladder retrain. Wish you all the best shane .

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