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was told today I have a "good Cancer"

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I am sorry just kinda lost at the moment. The Dr told me today that I have a good cancer, shaken by it all I didn't even ask where it was. But please be honest with me- Is there such a thing as a good cancer

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Many testicular cancers, Hodgkins lymphoma, thyroid cancer, and Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia in young children are now very survivable. I was diagnosed and treated for embryonal carcinoma (Lance Armstrong's testicular cancer) between 1980 and 1982, and am still, knock-on-wood, cancer-free. Perhaps, yours is one of the above?


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I'd want a clarification from the dr. Call his office and ask to talk to him. You might want to write down the questions you have. It's not unusual to hear the word cancer and not hear much after that. If you don't want to do this, do you have a family member or friend who could make the call? You might also want to take someone with you to the next appointment. It never hurts to have two people listening. Fay

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As fay suggests, we DO get a bit frazzled with the news, but I refuse to believe that ANYONE has NO clue about where it is, and I say that as about the most clueless cancer survivor of all time.

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By describing it as a 'good cancer' surely sends a mixed message to someone who has just been diagnosed that's for sure. An unfortunate use of descriptive words I would say but I think the doc's intentions were good - to give you alot of hope they will be able to blow this out of the water. For newly diagnosed patients though all you hear is 'cancer', been there and felt that feeling myself.

But like Terato said there are cancers that are known for highly survivable odds and then there are others that arent as survivable but yet people become long term survivors even with them, like me for example. lol.

I had non-hodgkins lymphoma, the 'not so good lymyphoma' but here I am 22 plus years later and considered cured a few years back by the docs so you see you just never know.

What is clear to me is that you have a good start with docs feeling that there is a good treatments regime for your type of cancer, that should give you great hope, and now it is up to you to keep your spirits up and confidence high. I hope you have support around you and that spirituality is a part of your life as I personally found both those things are crucial to doing well with cancer.

I would be interested in knowing what type you do have and to keep seeing updates from you along the way. You will find great support on this site for sure. Post whenever you feel like talking because all those on these boards know exactly what you are going through and can help.

Take care and remember - one day at a time - and everyone is different with any cancer so take the info you need but remember that you are a different individual and may or may not experience the exact same things as some other survivor. Those two points I believe are crucial for the newly diagnosed patient.

All the best. Blessings, Bluerose

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I sometimes wonder what the medical system is thinking. I would imagine many of us on this board have faced the doctor that says "you have cancer". After those words a million thoughts flood through your head and you don't hear much else. Why can't they learn to ask that you bring someone else with you to this very important appointment that is going to effect the rest of your life. But we seem to hear this over and over. It seems we have to fight to become a human being rather then a file of office number. As you can tell I am not a great fan of production line medicine. Keep asking questions until you get answers. Drive them nuts if you have too. And take someone else with you to your appointments. Blessings Slickwilly

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I must tell you, however, that when I was employed with the Leukemia Society of America, it was not uncommon to tell someone newly diagnosed with Hodgkins that, "If you had to receive a cancer diagnosis, Hodgkins was the best of all possible alternatives". It is simply an attempt by a physician to ameliorate patient anxiety. Of course, no cancer is "good", but some have more promising survival rates than others.



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There is no such thing as a "good cancer". Cancer is cancer, some is highly cureable, some not. What kind of cancer do you have. If some doctor walked in and said, good news, you have the good cancer, I could not run out of there fast enough. By the way, my husband has Stage IV colon cancer and someone said that to me once, at least he got the good cancer, I thought to myself, you are an idiot. Take care - Tina

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they told me i had good cancer too...she said the best breast cancer you could get...we did surgery for a lumpectomy...whoops it's not good cancer...it's now bad cancer..had mastectomy last month...believe them when it's over...wendy

tiny one
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There is no such thing as good cancer, but different cancers have high survival rates. Some cancers are treated easier than others. I would have asked the Doctor what he meant by a good cancer. You need to ask alot of questions before you make your decision on what you will do. Also having someone else with you to ask questions and help remember all that is being said is highly recommended. Knowing where the cancer is, finding out the plan of action to treat it, side effects from treatment. Surgery for some is all that's needed. Second opinions should be sought out. I am a 3 year colon cancer survivor.

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I was told I had cancer and it was the kind of cancer that wont kill me. so YAY me... he failed to mention that it would make me feel dead inside and for about a year took away my joy.

Of course now I am happy go lucky me, full of life and joy... not for the 15 months of multiple surgeries and radiation and then recovery..... For someone to make cancer a "dont worry about it" kinda sickness is not right. Cancer is an illness that makes you sick either physically or mentally, do not dismiss it. Take it seriously. Remember a beautiful rose has thorns....

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