Alternative treatments - DCA - dichloroacetate

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I have been researching treatments for my mother 72 yr F, lung cancer mets to liver and bone. Just diagnosed a week ago. Radiation not helping her. She will soon start Alimta/Carboplatin/Neupeg.

I seem to be finding DCA to be worth looking into. But very little solid information is available. Does anyone have any experiences or thoughts to share here?

Any other alternative treatment, palliative or curative?


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    This has been previously
    This has been previously addressed in this board, so you might want to search for the previous one. In the event you won't or can't (I'm not even sure if there IS a search engine for the boards), briefly from recollection:

    This chemical was investigated by some researchers in Alberta, Canada sometime within the last 10 years (if memory serves and it often does not) and the results of that study indicated 'great promise' for it in the minds of some.

    As I recall, there were some issues with side effects.

    In any event, a doctor closely affiliated with ACS (the American Cancer Society) came out with what amounted to a rather scathing indictment of the hopes placed on this particular drug. You can read at least excerpts from the original research and the ACS doc's review online (I quoted both in my response to the previous post, herein).

    Most folks would agree, I think, that while alternative strategies have value, it is important that if they become part of the plan, they are added with the knowledge of the medical people you (and mom, in this case) trust, and that they not become substitutes for conventional treatment.

    Best wishes to your mom and her family.

    Take care,

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    There is a phase III trial for lung cancer using Lucanix by a company calle NovaRX that looks promising.