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distant mets opinion FINAL PATHOLOGY UPDATE!!!

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UPDATE: just got this email from my Dr:

"Your interpretation is correct [I asked him to clarify what I heard the day before, see below]. It is uncommon to survive distant mets although people do. No 100%'s in medicine. Regional mets (what you have) is a different story. I expect you to do very well and continue to come seeing me for follow up for years to come."

"I received the pathology report. No primary source as we thought. Total of 7 lymph nodes out of approx 50 that had cancer. All were located in the upper levels 2 and 3. 1, 4, and 5 were clean. There was focal extracapsular extension in a few of the nodes. That means it was going outside of the lymph node microscopically in a couple of locations. As such, definitely want to do radiation therapy to the neck."


So from this I can assume a couple of things: 1) that they believe they can treat this regionally, 2) that they caught it in a transitional phase and I have avoided vascular invasion.

Good news, no?



Hi everyone. I had the 2nd of 2 drain tubes removed from my chest yesterday but was told no shower for 3 days - argh! Sponge baths do not become me!

My Dr said something that disturbed me a bit and I wanted to float it out here for opinion. (I sent him a qualifying email on it just now).

He said in my case, if distant mets show up it essentially equals terminal cancer. I was shocked by the statement and he was talking in terms of statistical distribution. From what I understand many on this board have had distant mets and are doing quite well. Up until that point all discussion has been very positive, so now I wonder what's going on. I was too stunned to reply in his office and I'm kicking myself. My wife was with me and she was stunned too! We do not yet have the final pathology.

Anyway, today I'm a little down and I don't really feel like I can afford to be down.

Any opinion or thoughts on this are appreciated.



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MICK....You have to go get that book Anticancer Today! There is a section on statistics. And basically it says to throw them out the window. Your DR does not decide how much time you have. My husbands has distant mets and is under going his second round of treatment. (More chemo) We are both staying postive and optimistic and that really helps your body fight off the cancer. Do not let bad thoughts enter your world. You will be fine! I just know it.

Peace be with you and your wife!

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Hi Donna. Thanks for that. As a matter of fact, the AntiCancer book came yesterday from the library and I am on chapter 4 already. It surprised me to hear my Dr be so sure that distant mets equaled a terminal prognosis. I had not read that anywhere else before.

Where are your husband's mets? Do you know what chemical he's been given?

I just had a session with my acupuncturist and I started 5 Element Qi Gong - it's like Tai Chi only fewer moves and focuses on balance, detox, and restoration. I feel so much better and calmer when I have the sessions.

Thanks for your support and best of luck on your husband's treatment. I will keep him in my thoughts.



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My dad told me once he read that 100% of people were not going to make it through life alive. He suggested given this I try to live each day the best I could. I miss him.



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