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Prayer (or good thought) request

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I would like to ask that all of you who pray will say prayers for my sister. She has been severe pain in her breast. Two doctors examined her and didn't feel a lump. She is scheduled to have a mammogram on Monday. I know that breast cancer seldom presents itself with pain, but I do worry about this. I know that since I've had cancer, it has put a shadow of that thought on all my siblings. Now we know it can touch us, you know? If you are not a praying person, good thoughts would also be appreciated.


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include your sister in my prayers. I hope that her mammogram is as "clear as a bell".

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Males as well as females have a mammary duct that in males they use for heart bypasses and in females well you know....It could be that the duct has become inflamed or stopped up causing the pain.....Prayers that it is nothing at all, simply phantom pain....Love and Hope to her and you, Clift

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and you all have one less worry to concern yourselves with.....Steve

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Sure will Gail!

I go to dinner monthly with a group of gals from church. We were talking about breast pain and 3 of us have been dx'd with arthritis in our rib cage with the only symptom being pain in the breast. Ultrasounds found all of ours. Maybe that's what your sister has, too.
BTW... the 3 of us were 59, 49 and 48

I sure will pray, tho!

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Prayers and good thoughts are always available here, and I certainly send both to your sister.


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Indeed I will!

Thanks for your post last night, darlin' :)

It was very sweet of You, but that's my Gail :)


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Prayers on the way. Let us know how she is doing.


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The pain is just a pain for her Gail, and nothing else! Prayers are coming your way, that she will be ok! Do let us know how she is!


Fight for my love
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Your sister is in my prayers and I hope the scan comes out clear.Yesterday I read an article,it says sometimes mammogram can't show the small tumor but untrasound can pick it up.Just a little information,in case she needs any further test,hope it is helpful.My husband's sister's friend is at the beginning of her 60,she also had a lump and did lots of test,all the results came back clear.Hope for the best for your sister.Take care.

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prayers coming
be well

Posts: 758
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prayers coming
be well

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Praying for her ...

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You got it Gail. Now stop worring until there is something to worry about, that is one thing George's cancer has taught me. Take care - tina

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Consider it done. The anxiety of waiting is so difficult. Please update us when you can.

Hugs and prayers,


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I will keep good thoughts and pray that your sister's mammogram is clear. It is a scary thought whenever you don't know what is causing pain. Keep praying. Margaret

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