Does anyone take Royal Jelly or Melatonin

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I know i have to clear it with my Oncologist but I ordered some vitamins from a show I watched "Dr. Beckkers Bionutrients" and a lady who was going through chemo called in and spoke of her tiredness. He suggested she take the melatonin tablet in order to sleep well and royal jelly 3.5:1 concentrate to boost the immune system and to help to heal the nerve endings from nueropothy.

I was just wondering if anyone has tried these natural pills/tablets?


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    Yes, i took melatonin for years as part of my cancer healing protocol. I didn't do chemo so I can't give you any input there. My naturopathic doctor gave me info that melatonin helps to shrink tumors but she gave it to me so I could sleep and it works like the dickens. she had me take up to 20 mg building up slowly and when I quit them last fall I was taking about 6-9 mg a night. i now use Bach Rescue Remedy or Sleep Remedy to sleep and for stress.

    hope this helps.

    peace, emily