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G'day all,
In light of the terrible week we have experienced with our extended family I thought a note of encouragement might be in order. I was origanally dx with what my surgeon descibed as a frightfully aggressive tumour of the transverse and descending colon. It was not overly large but in a short time it had invaded six lynph nodes. Neither surgeon nor oncologist thought I had much chance of surviving for much more than three years. I had 48 sessions of 5fu backed up fortnightly with levamisole. My cancer was removed on this day twelve years ago. I have been cancer free ever since. None of the dear friends I made during my year of chemo are still with me. My memories of that time are good. I can remember taking some of my fellow sufferers out fishing . We used to go home to our respective families and tell them about poor Tom or ron ect and how they weren't doing so well. It was never US who wasn't doing so well,always the other guy.
I know how Emily feels when the the loss of friends and acquaintences hits us hard and believe me on this forum the loss of a complete stranger hits us as hard as a close friend. I have never thought of cancer as the dragon or the beast ,to me it is just a rotten disease and like most diseases it can be beaten. I have no secret for beating it just that anything in life that's worthwhile requires 100% commitment that is one reason the juice chick is still around. Wishing you all good health,Ron.

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That is awesome news and just goes to prove that there is hope out there. You are right, it has been a very difficult time for us as a family. Thank you for your words of encouragement.


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Congratulations, Ron, you are a true inspiration! Thanks for offering us this encouragement during such a difficult time.

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Thanks for the words of wisdom.

Life is funny sometimes


Fight for my love
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Congratulations!Thanks to you for sharing your story.Sounds like juicing is really helpful.I will make my husband start it after chemo is over.

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thank you, Ron. you are an Inspiration.

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Good to hear from you! Manny

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I think your post was just what we needed today! Congratulations on your continued good health.


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When you post Ron, you have always been an inspiration to this board, 12 years! Wow! That's so remarkable! You keep on truckin' dude!!


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congrtas on 12 years, you have really helped me thru this journey.
many,many more to come my friend
be well
never,ever give up!!

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You say that I inspire but in fact it is you guys and girls that inspire me. I merely support but Bruce it is your "never,never give" up that gets you through. Donna you have been flattened by so many low blows during your battle I wonder how you go on,but go on you do . You just get up turn round and flash us that delightful smile. I never take for granted the uniqueness of this forum . This isn't just a play, this is the real deal, we are all fghting to stay alive and you my friends do it with a style and grace that is hard to imagine at times. This forum is just so special may it never change and may you all be blessed with survival. Ron.

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May this just be your first dozen! Your success in beating this disease has given hope to many. You are right, this forum is like a bank...there are deposits and there are withdrawals, just glad there are no overdraft fees!

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Great post and congratulations on 12 years. I recall over the years you've dealt with some significant issues and lived through it all. Celebrate!


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Congrats big guy!!!

Nice to see some familiar oldie names on here!

Hugs, Lisa

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G'day Lisa,
Big and old I have to admit to,but I've never "fessed up to handsome. I am glad you stuck around to see my year twelve. Hugs Ron.
Thanks Howard and yes surving survival is not always easy but to modify the words of an old song by Flash in the pan. "Hey there St Peter ,before you ring your bell,just come down to survivor town,,,We've done our time in hell"!
Thanks to everyone for the well wishes,Ron.

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