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ct scan news

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I don't post often but read the boards regularly and I know this month has been hard on everyone. I just wanted to tell everyone that my last ct scan showed that the tumors continue to shrink and nothing new showed up. I was a little reluctant to post because I know how sad everyone has been.I pray daily for all the people who come here and wish the best for all of you. Deb

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Hi Deb,

Thanks for posting and congrats on your great scan news! I know we've had some hard news on the board lately, but it's helpful to hear that some people are getting good news too!
Take care-

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Hi Deb,
Congratulations on your good news! I got similar news myself last week on my first scan after starting chemo. What a relief, huh?

While this does seem to be a tough time for everyone on the forum with the recent losses of dear friends, it is also helpful to recognize the joys and good news we experience... those things that keep us uplifted and motivated to continue fighting the good fight.

I wish you well in your continued progress.
Prentiss :)

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All the more reason to post good news when there's so much sad news on the board! Thanks for the bright spot and I'm so happy for your tumors' shrinkage!!

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That is wonderful news! Thanks for sharing this with us.

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I, too, was hesitant to post good news. Like life, you must take the bad news and the good news with tears for both. Congratulations and may those pesky tumors continue to shrink. Tina

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Great news.. We need it around here because as you know it's been a rough few weeks.

Thanks for posting


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