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Shout out to all California Semis!

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I have just been reading the weather forecasts...please, please be careful...a double whammy...El Nino and the Pineapple effect...one guy from Cal State Fullerton said likely to get a whole season's worth of rain in the next 5-10 days...

Please take care and watch the forecast in your area before you venture out!!!

Hugs from Holland, Kathi

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Thanks Kathi,

so far it hasn't been too bad here in the Bay Area (San Francisco). We lost a big beautiful old oak tree on our street earlier this week when the wind blew it onto the hood of someone's pickup truck, but other than that, it hasn't been too bad.

Hoe gaat het in Zwolle? Ben je reeds bij de Librije? ha ha.

groeten maar weer,

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Hi Kathi,

I have a rain gauge and as of this time today (9:30 a.m. Thursday), we've gotten 3-3/4 inches of rain where I live in Fallbrook (north San Diego county) since the storm series started on Jan. 18. It's a lot for us, but not nearly as much as they were saying we'd get. There may be more rain in the town you left behind, Redlands, since it's at the base of the mountains. Rain is still forecasted through tomorrow (Friday night), so we'll get more, but I'd be surprised if it was more than another 2-3 inches max. The forecast calls for no rain with partly cloudy skies starting on Saturday. The long term forecast says maybe some rain again on Tuesday. We shall see...!
Hope you're faring alright in snowy Holland!


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Here in good ole capital Sacramento we've gotten a pretty good blast of rain the entire week since Sunday. Yesterday the power went off on my entire block and also while I was in the grocery store. Good for cozying up though if you have the time.

Have a great one in your region! Valerie

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I think this storm that i am looking at right now came from ca raining hard here and i need tires ,I have the money just no time . take care everyone.


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Hi Kathi:

Thanks for the good wishes.

We're in Huntington Beach and have had quite a bit of rain, although not as much as nearby Long Beach where there is a lot of street flooding. The poor people who live in the Station Fire area are taking a very hard hit, too.

Huntington Beach did experience a small tornado on Tuesday, however. How scary (not to mention weird) is that?

It is interesting that Huntington Beach now has an automated telephone disaster alert system in place. Yesterday afternoon we received an automated call advising us that the next 48 hours portend some dramatic weather events and advising Huntington Beach residents to stay indoors if possible. It is good reading weather, however. I think I'll wrap myself up in something warm, brew a steaming pot of masala tea and start the new Dan Brown novel. Given the leaden and ominous skies (see photo link below), I don't think this would be a good day to pick up anything by Stephen King.

Here is a particularly dramatic (and a bit chilling) photo of LA under threat from the current storm. The photo ran on the front page of the Los Angeles Times yesterday (Wednesday):

LA Storm Photo


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What a dramatic photo! Thanks for posting the link. My son lives in Hermosa Beach and works in Seal Beach, so he's experiencing the same weather that you are. The other night he said they were having Kansas City thunderstorms minus the lightning.

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What a photo

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