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Nancy/radiation info

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Well going to see radiation dr today to see if he thinks I need radition before the surgery ont he 16th. Will know in a few hours. Does radiation make you sick like chemo? Have not had either as yet.

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Al had 5 rounds of radiation and that was because of the mets to his back. He is doing rather well at little fatigue.

It depends on the part of the body being radiated and the amount because it does accumulate in your body just like chemo.

You have to remember every one is different and will react differently to every treatment no matter if it is the same thing that someone else is getting.

Keep us posted on the out come of your appt. today.

God Bless,

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Betty in Vegas
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Layne had only tiredness with his radiation, until the last week and the week following when he had quite a bit of pain swallowing. Others struggle with it...so I think it depends on the person, like Kathy said. However, I would certainly do it if they offer it. I'm a big believer in walking through any door God opens.

Let us know!


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Tina Blondek
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Hi Nancy,
Glad to hear that your drs are on top of your cancer. Radiation is a good choice. My dad did both radiation and chemo at the same time. Had little side effect. Mostly tired. And always remember...when life closes the door......God opens a window!! Keep up the good work. Keep us posted.

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